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    Faith Matters
    by Carolyn Young - Monday, 23 March 2020, 11:04 AM

    Does anyone remember Boom Crash Opera? I hope so! They were a great Australian band, and its members still gig around the place (when allowed to…). At the moment I find one of their lyrics going around and around in my head: “These here are crazy times…” 

    With the celebrations of masses in parishes suspended, some of you may be wondering how you and your families, especially elderly parents, might be able to experience Sunday mass. If that’s you, please have a read below.

    How can I participate in Mass online? 

    Despite our current limitations, we can still participate in the celebration of Mass online thanks to modern technology. Many dioceses around the world provide online streaming of Masses, including our own Archdiocese of Melbourne. Below are some links to online Masses. We also encourage you to think about how you might help those homebound and less tech-savvy to be able to access Mass online during this time. 

    1. St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne

    Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne is available daily. The 1pm Mass is streamed live daily (Mon-Fri) and is then available as a recording on-demand until one hour prior to the next Mass. Sunday Mass is available, with the 11am Mass live streamed and it is also available as a recording on-demand.

    Watch here: 

    2. Pope Francis’ daily Mass

    Pope Francis’ daily Masses are now available online through the Vatican’s website and YouTube channel. They are expected to continue to be available throughout the upcoming weeks.

    Watch here: 

    Take care and may we always remember, to pray for one another.

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    Psychological Needs
    by Nicholas Moloney - Wednesday, 18 March 2020, 9:54 AM

    As the first term is coming to a close, I have been reflecting on the many and varied programs and events that have occurred. Schools are busy places and the young men at Marcellin have such a wide range of opportunities to get involved in.

    This year also saw the Depth Program embedded into Years 9 and 10. The feedback so far from the young men has been very positive and they have embraced the new opportunities afforded to them. They have appreciated the range of subjects and the links to a real-world context. That is, an understanding of why they are learning certain concepts and skills.

    Several young men have also remarked that they feel more independent and have greater control over their learning. They also commented on being more focused in class and they had higher levels of intrinsic motivation.

    These conversations reminded me of an article I read about ...

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    Faith Matters
    by Carolyn Young - Tuesday, 17 March 2020, 6:53 PM

    One of the great joys of my job is getting to teach the Religion and Society Units 3 and 4 course. In the first Area of Study, students are challenged to understand the human search for meaning; what common questions we all have and what informs our understandings of the answers provided by the Catholic Christian tradition. One of the existential questions identified by the Study Design is `What is the nature and purpose of human life?’ What an interesting question for us all to reflect on in our current context, as we listen to the news and hear more tales of people putting themselves first than we do stories of people protecting those in need. The boys in my class study the idea that Jesus’ example reminds us that we are all equal in the eyes of a loving God; that not one of us is entitled to more than any other one of us. Their study enables them to see that Jesus’ example ...

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    Faith Matters
    by Carolyn Young - Wednesday, 11 March 2020, 11:06 AM

    Thanks to all of the family members of our 2019 Marist Solidarity Immersion – Cambodia pilgrims who came together with the pilgrim group to share a prayer service and supper on Tuesday night. This was an important opportunity for the College to affirm our pilgrims, as well as for the pilgrims and their families to reflect on the immersion experience and the lessons it holds for everyday life. The Solidarity Immersion in Cambodia is an incredible opportunity for the pilgrims involved to learn more about themselves and our faith tradition as they serve the people of Pailin. I have been privileged to hear these young men speak at House Liturgies, the Year 11 2020 Immersion Launch Assembly, and the SRC Day, as well as last night, and it is clear that those two weeks taught the young men and staff lucky enough to participate a great deal about perspective, love, luck and our responsibility to serve. It has been wonderful to hear from each of the pilgrims about the significance of their experience! Let’s pray that we are able to continue to support the people of Pailin who enrich our community so much in the months ahead.

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    Faith Matters
    by Carolyn Young - Wednesday, 4 March 2020, 10:59 AM

    Game Changers

    This week we facilitated a Game Changers Launch Retreat Day at the Marist Centre for all young men in Year 10 interested in joining the Game Changers Youth Ministry program in 2020. Game Changers provides the same opportunities that Remar has done here at Marcellin for over 25 years, and that Remar will continue to provide for our Year 11 and 12 Rowers in 2020 and 2021: invaluable, life-changing opportunities to grow in Christian leadership, communication skills, a sense of belonging and understanding of our responsibilities to reach out to the marginalised.  

    Game Changers involves regular Group Meetings intended to develop significant, supportive relationships that enhance participants’ capacity to realise their potential and practice Christian Leadership. Participants also have the opportunity to participate in retreats and reflection days, Christian service and, in Year 11, a solidarity immersion. In 2020, this updated version of Remar will be available to our young men of Year 10. It was wonderful to see just under 30 boys attend the Launch Retreat Day and we look forward to further exploring what Game Changers could be for them. 

    Should you have any questions regarding Game Changers or Remar, please contact either myself or one of our Game Changers Mentors, Emily Andrews, Ronan Long or Lachlan Scott, or our Remar Caravel Helms, Mario Frazzetto and Natalie Ciardulli. The future of youth ministry is bright at Marcellin and I look forward to continuing to journey with the young men who take up the opportunity to challenge themselves by stepping out of their comfort zones and becoming who they are truly called to be.