Vocational Education and Training (VET) in schools is designed to broaden the range of study options available to an increasingly diverse senior school population by enabling applied as well as academic learning. It allows students to combine VCE studies with nationally recognised vocational qualifications whereby they may obtain a VET Certificate or part thereof while completing their VCE/VCAL Certificate. All of our VET courses are offered in partnership with Registered Training Organisations.

    All VCE VET programs contribute to the VCE and VCAL. Most contribute at least 4 VCE units, two at 1-2 level and two at 3-4 level. All programs with a 3-4 contribute to the ATAR - either as a 10% increment or as a Study Score derived from assessment of course work tasks and an end of year examination. Where a Study Score is available students must complete the graded assessment component in order to receive the ATAR contribution. VET programs offer equal status with other VCE programs.

    Generally VET programs are completed over a two year period. In order to gain a qualification certificate must be deemed competent in all units/modules by the partner training organisation.  If students partially complete a qualification a statement of attainment will be issued for competent units by the partner training organisation.  A transcript of results will also be provided.  Based on course outcomes credit arrangements for Units 1 and 2 of VCE or VCAL will also be determined.

    Successful completion of a program not only continues to give students a university option but also provides additional pathways, with credit, into vocational education and training courses as well as into employment, including apprenticeships. These programs multiply options.

    The information below contains a step by step process about applying for a VETis course for 2018. Most of this information relates to courses studied off campus. For VET studies at Marcellin, simply apply via web preferences. Any queries contact the College VET coordinator at kevin.kelly@marcellin.vic.edu.au



    At Marcellin College students may undertake VET at the College, at a TAFE institution or at another school that is part of the Inner Melbourne VET Cluster (IMVC), or the Northern Melbourne VET cluster (NMVC). These VET programs tend to be on a Wednesday and taught outside of normal school hours, which may require a late finish. Students would need to access a program which runs on Wednesday afternoon, in order to minimise impact on other timetabled classes. Students also need to be aware that catch up classes may be required, should a student miss classes or not be able to meet course requirements during scheduled classes.


    1. Can I keep up to date with my school subjects if I need to leave early on a Wednesday to go VET classes off site?

    2. If I am doing VCE will I get a contribution to my ATAR? Will it be an increment or a primary four score contribution?

    3.Can I afford the materials costs?

    4.Can I get to and from my course independently?

    Details of courses are outlined in the booklets here:


    Students need to apply to enrol in a VETis course which runs off campus from the College. This is to ensure it is the right course for you. To ensure this occurs, the onus is on the student to complete their I Focus (year 9)  or I Plan (year 10) book, in support of their application.

    For course running at he College, simply apply via web preferences. You do not need to apply, providing you have demonstrated aptitude through your middle school subject reports.


    In order to ensure families are aware of all requirements around courses, and to ensure the course is a good fit, a meeting with the VET coordinator is required. To ensure you are ready for this meeting you should have:

    1. Completed I plan or I focus booklet

    2. A completed Unique Student Identifier (USI) by going to : http://www.usi.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx


    3. A completed Application form



      Most courses will have an information session you need to attend to confirm your interest. Your name will be with the provider, following interview with VET coordinator. You may be required to complete an enrolment form on this evening, or be asked to return at a different time to complete your enrolment. Box Hill TAFE for example always ask you to return and enrol on a different day.

      The TAFE should send you a letter of offer prior to enrolment day/evening. Details of information sessions can be found in the VET handbooks.


      Students undertaking courses may incur an additional cost over and above their school fees to cover materials fees. In some instances further costs will be incurred where specific equipment is required by the student in order to take up the course. Costs will be invoiced by the College and must be paid to ensure confirmation of enrolment.

      ALL costs will be added to your Marcellin College fees and the College will forward your payments to the provider.

      Students are able to withdraw from a course if they change their mind up until the end of February.

      After this date all tuition and materials fees must be paid regardless of the withdrawal date as the college needs to meet its contractual obligations.

      Attached are previous years materials fees which are a guide only at this stage. This will be updated as 2018 details become available.


      You are now ready to start your program. Starting dates are different depending on the course. All details of starting dates, term dates should be provided by the TAFE. What you need to bring on the first day should also be provided in a letter via the TAFE. If this hasn't been provided, please contact your VET coordinator.

      Students and parents MUST complete a student commitment form and a parent consent form. Read these carefully, particularly regarding process for absences.

      It is vital that families are aware that whilst the VETis program provides a wonderful opportunity for students to study in an independent learning environment, parent consent must be given for students traveling off campus.

      Marcellin College has a written agreement with all TAFE's and providers that stipulates the requirements of the provider in ensuring quality teaching and assessment, and that all teaching staff meet Working with Children legislation and other requirements.


        VET Courses which are offered at Marcellin are:

        Certificate III in Sport and Recreation - Basketball focus

        Certificate III in Sport and Recreation - General

        Certificate II in Engineering

        Certificate II Building and Construction (offered at Year 10 as first year; Year 11 students year 2)

        Cert II Business Project Based Program (selected units for VCAL students only such as 'Produce word documents' and 'Communicate in the Workplace')

        Details of these classes are outlined in the VCE section of this website at: https://my.marcellin.vic.edu.au/mod/data/view.php?id=547

        If you would like more general information about VET, click the following link: www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/vet/index.html


        Australian school based part-time apprenticeships (ASBA's or SBAT's) allow VCAL students to:

        · Commence formal training toward their chosen career whilst still at school

        · Focus their education and training around particular goals and objectives

        · Complete the first stage of a full apprenticeship without having to commit to a full-time long term contract

        · Be able to work whilst they are at school

        · Complete a compulsory part of the VCAL course

        ASBAs are delivered either at TAFE or on the job, one or two days a week, depending on the industry area.

        Students completing an apprenticeship program may miss some classes and individual timetables will be adjusted on a needs basis. In such cases it is expected that students will communicate regularly with teachers to catch up on work missed, as their first priority should be to their College commitments.Demonstration of capacity to work independently comes through your Yr 11 VCAL program, in order to apply for an SBAT in Year 12.

      • VET IN VCE

        Subject Choices and ATAR restrictions

        When choosing subject combinations, students are advised that certain combinations may disadvantage them in achieving an optimal ATAR ranking.  The calculation of the ATAR rank uses the student's 4 best subject scores, plus 10% of the student's next 2 best scores.  Where a student chooses more than two subjects from the following groupings, only 2 of those scores may count in the top 4, not matter what the student's other scores:

        • Music group: Music Performance; VET Music
        • VET group: Only two VET courses may be counted.
          N.B. Many VET courses are ineligible for a Study Score: please read the subject description carefully.

        Students are therefore advised against taking more than two subjects from within any of the above groupings.

        Successful completion of most 2 year VET programs in will contribute an increment to the ATAR score, an increment being 10% of the average of the primary four scaled study scores


        Certain VET subjects may be included in the best four subjects to contribute to an ATAR for the VCE if an exam is offered and taken for the course.

        There are VET subjects however, that are equivalent to VCE Units 1 & 2 only.

      • VET IN VCAL

        All VET courses contribute to VCAL completion.

        At Marcellin College, students select one VET course external to the College which runs on a Wednesday. Students also select one of the courses at Marcellin: Certificate II Engineering, Certificate III in Sport & Recreation or selected units in Certificate II in Business.

        This allows students to potentially complete two certificates by Year 12 completion.

        • STARTING DATES 2018

          Starting dates for 2018, whilst generally aligned with school terms, can vary. Details should be provided from your course provider, however, where possible, these are also provided here, and will be available in late term 4 2017.


          Marcellin College is proud of our partnerships with a number of other educational institutions, in order to provide the best learning opportunities for our boys. For Building and Construction, we are auspiced by Parade College, with the course being delivered at Marcellin by Mr John Meagher. The attached documents are vital information for all students and parents around policies and procedures for this arrangement.