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Day 7 - Fiji Rugby tour
by Nicholas Moloney - Sunday, 16 July 2017, 8:01 AM

Today the boys departed the resort for an early 9am game at La Laaqa stadium where the final game against Cuvu College was being held. Though the boys were a bit tired due to the early start we were able to lift before the game. As the match started we came in strong scoring the first try of the game with strong attack. After a nail bitting performance with both teams fighting for the win we we're able to finish on top with some of the younger boys getting a real taste of hard rugby. After getting back the boys were then able to enjoy the rest of the day with relaxation through kayaking, beach volleyball and other fun activities.

Kaitu'u Tuhanuku
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Day 6 - Fiji Rugby tour
by Nicholas Moloney - Saturday, 15 July 2017, 4:22 PM

Today was a rest day at the retreat for the boys. The day did not have any major events but it was still well needed after coming back from the village in Navosa where sleep was limited in the traditional setting. Most of the team were taking it easy for the day, playing some games and relaxing. Of the different activities the boys did to pass the time, Touch Rugby and Volleyball were the most popular.

There was also a training session on the beach in preparation for tomorrow's game. We did the usual drills and activities. Later in the night we looked over the video footage of the previous matches with with coach J.C. 

We have to go to bed early tonight for an early game tomorrow against Cuvu College. We will be waking up at 6am for a 7am departure. The team is looking forward to our final match in Fiji.

Darcy Harkin 
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Day 5 - Fiji Rugby tour
by Nicholas Moloney - Friday, 14 July 2017, 11:20 AM

Today we were greeted by thick fog and a lovely home cooked breakfast consisting of fruits, pancakes, cakes and hot chocolate. We packed, and said our final goodbyes with a few words from each of the villagers.

 On the way to our next village we stopped for some quick pumpkin seed planting, then we carried on our way and made it to the village. There, we had a quick rest and then villagers came to hold a traditional welcoming ceremony for us. After the completion of that, we all headed to the weekly touch rugby event which was quite popular among the locals. The teams we put together definitely held up against the constant pressure the Fijians put on us.

Following the touch rugby we headed back to the resort with the exception of a stop for some shopping and our tour dinner. Concluding the dinner we hopped on the bus and came back late to the resort. 

Mark Ludik

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Day 4 - Fiji Rugby tour
by Nicholas Moloney - Friday, 14 July 2017, 11:11 AM

Today we woke up at an astounding time for most of the boys, 5:45am. It was a rude awakening after yesterdays relaxing day. After having a quick breakfast we began our long bus ride up to the highlands. Around an hour into the bus ride we stopped off at Singatoka for a quick rest and a quick look at the markets. Then after the long leg of the trip we arrived at the base of the village and were greeted by a close up view of what life is like for many people who don't have the same privileges as us, nevertheless we were still greeted with smiles of people who truly embody happiness. 

We then traveled about fifteen minutes to a school outside the village, along the way being amazed by the stunning beauty of the Fijian countryside and blown away by rugby fields with bamboo posts. The heat was stifling and would be one of the many challenges we would face in the game which was just as ...
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Day 3 - Fiji Rugby tour
by Nicholas Moloney - Friday, 14 July 2017, 11:08 AM

Day 3

We spent day three at the resort resting up for the upcoming game the following day. After a late start to the day the boys had their breakfast which was followed up by a team meeting. Justin Carroll, our coach, was impressed with the structured rugby we played against the Fijians, and said it was one of the best games we played, we followed the meeting with time to ourselves. After multiple touch Rugby games and some beach volleyball, the boys hit the beach, and went snorkelling and kayaking till lunch. At around three the boys went down to the beach to practice our new structure and to play touch with the Fijians. I believe it is fair to say the Fijians won even though they were divided amongst the two teams. We finished the day with a chill dinner and packed to get ready for the highlands the next day.

Gus Beale 

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Day 2 - Fiji Rugby tour
by Nicholas Moloney - Monday, 10 July 2017, 8:26 PM

With a swim in the hotel pool and a game of touch as our routine leading up to the game against Marist Brothers High School, we approached the game that was going to be played in 27 degree heat, relaxed and chilled. After a two hour bus trip we were all ready and rearing to go, but as we arrived and saw the opposition, the nerves kicked in and the warm up lacked a bit of enthusiasm. 

The whistle was blown and the game was started with some strong ball carrys and big tackles and suddenly the much needed spark and enthusiasm to stay competitive with the opposition came to the surface. Throughout the game the team worked well to their structure and obtained accountability which made us stay competitive. The final result was 31-12 in Marist Boys favour as we let them break our line a couple of times that proved to be damaging. 

Before we packed up and went back to the resort we were provided by the High School with refreshments and a live singing performance from the Marist Boys team. We tried to return with Marcellin singing "Power of your Love" .. as you can imagine, our voices weren't nearly as in tune and pitch as theirs. Overall, the day ended on a positive note with JC expressing how proud he was of our performance and Jordan Hobbs winning the "musical onion game" (Fijian version of musical chairs).

Nick Woods
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Good luck and enjoy
by Natalie Vulich - Sunday, 9 July 2017, 6:39 PM

Hi Lads,

By now you will have been in Fiji for a day and no doubt still acclimatising. 

I'm sorry that I couldn't see you off at the airport as I was struck down with the dreaded man-flu. 

Just wanted to wish you all the very best of luck but most of all I sincerely hope that you all enjoy this amazing trip and take in all the culture and sights that Fiji has to offer. 

No doubt there will be training and tough games ahead. Do yourselves and the school proud. 

Go Eagles!!

Andrew Cumming

President of the Rugby PSG. 

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Day 1 - Rugby Fiji tour
by Nicholas Moloney - Sunday, 9 July 2017, 4:52 PM
The day started optimistically as all the boys were keen for a trip none of us had experienced before. We boarded the plane with much anticipation for an amazing conversation with each other, only to discover we had all decided we would rather attempt to sleep instead, keeping in mind the word 'attempt'. We arrived in Nadi just before 6 and in desperate need of sleep which we were able to slightly recoup on the 2-3 hour bus ride. We arrived at the aesthetically pleasing "Crusoe's Retreat" and enjoyed some downtime after moving for the past 14 hours. We were served a BBQ lunch and were given some time to catch up on some sleep for a couple hours before engaging in a light training featuring some swift Fijian boys that were able to beat us by foot (surprise, surprise). Eager for bed, we ate a lovely dinner and a short meeting and made our way to bed to end an entire day of energy exhausting activity. 

 Jamus Richardson

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by Nicholas Moloney - Wednesday, 5 July 2017, 6:38 PM

Hello Everyone,

To keep families updated on the Fiji Rugby tour we have created a blog on MyMarcellin. Each day we will provide a description of what we did along with a couple of pictures.

Parents can log in and leave a message for the boys. I know everyone would enjoy hearing from you. Just be aware your reply will go to all participants of the blog.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday evening at 7.45pm at the airport, International Departures.


Nick Moloney