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Day 6 - Fiji Rugby tour

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Day 6 - Fiji Rugby tour
by Nicholas Moloney - Saturday, 15 July 2017, 4:22 PM

Today was a rest day at the retreat for the boys. The day did not have any major events but it was still well needed after coming back from the village in Navosa where sleep was limited in the traditional setting. Most of the team were taking it easy for the day, playing some games and relaxing. Of the different activities the boys did to pass the time, Touch Rugby and Volleyball were the most popular.

There was also a training session on the beach in preparation for tomorrow's game. We did the usual drills and activities. Later in the night we looked over the video footage of the previous matches with with coach J.C. 

We have to go to bed early tonight for an early game tomorrow against Cuvu College. We will be waking up at 6am for a 7am departure. The team is looking forward to our final match in Fiji.

Darcy Harkin