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Year 7 into 8 Subject Selection Details

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Year 7 into 8 Subject Selection Details
by Andrew Bryson - Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 11:58 AM

As part of the subject selection process Year 7 students have the opportunity to select the Language (LOTE) subject they will study in Year 8. In Year 7, students studied two Languages; one each semester. Year 7 students are required to select one of the Languages they studied in 2017 to study in Year 8. Their options include:

  • Chinese

  • Indonesian

  • Italian

Year 7 students will receive an email the week commencing Monday 4 September with their web-preference login and password details to enter their Languages preferences online. Students are to enter their Languages preferences for Year 8 2018 online by Monday 11 September. Time will be provided during Pastoral each morning and Mass/Study on Thursday 7 September for students to enter their preference and seek support from their Pastoral Leader. We also encourage students to discuss their options with their current Language teacher.

Once students have entered their Languages preferences online, they will receive a receipt of their preferences. Students are asked to return this receipt signed by their parents indicating their endorsement of the Language subject their son has selected to their Pastoral Leader by Monday 11 September.

More information about the Language subjects offered at Year 8 in 2018 is available to view on MyMarcellin at Course and Subject Details.

If you have any queries regarding subject selection for Year 7 students please contact your son’s Pastoral Leader, Sandra Hanson (Head of Learning 7-9) or Pauline Bellofiore (Head of Junior School).

(Edited by Leesa Gathercole - original submission Sunday, 27 August 2017, 9:53 AM)