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The Cutting Edge

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The Cutting Edge
by Benjamin Reynolds - Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 9:47 AM

Monday 11 September - Saturday 16 September

  • A week of inclement weather prevented any work on the wicket tables.
  • The outfield was mowed three times, dropping the mower height each time. First cut of the week was 24mm, second cut was at 20mm and the third was 17mm. A further reduction of height will occur next week.  
  • Rain fall for the week was 38mm. 25 of these came in a 30 minute period on Friday afternoon.
  • Tribute (applied in late August) is now starting to take effect with a discoloration of the grass over the outfield. 

We now just wait for growth with the wicket tables. Warmer soil conditions from an increase in weekly temperatures is a must.

Monday 4 September - Saturday 9 September

  • Wicket tables were scarified. This process breaks up the thatch  of the root system. It also removes dead organic matter. 
  • Cut if wicket tables to a level of 3.5mm
  • Laser leveling of both wicket tables using Merri Creek fines, a dark heavy clay used for wicket tables and tennis courts. We were very lucky to find three hours of adequate weather on Wednesday to do this. A scope is dragged behind a tractor controlled by laser level, which  makes hundreds of passes across the entire table  ensuring that it is perfectly flat. 
  • Fertilizer is then added to the wicket table.  We now hope for good weather to encourage growth. 
  • Seeding of the first wicket to be used also this summer. The Bray oval has six different pitches, The Lyons has five. 

3.5 mm Bray Scarifying the Bray

Monday 28 August - Saturday 2 September

  • First major cut of wicket tables. Mower set to 5mm. 
  • Outfield not cut yet. 
  • Application of Tribute. Slows the summer couch (Santa Ana) growth initially whilst killing the winter rye grass. The aim is to have summer couch bounce back in two-three weeks without the competition of the winter grass.

Bray Wk 1  Bray Wk 1 cut

The Marcellin sporting program is lucky to have some of the best sporting facilities in the state. The Bray and Lyons oval are unmatched in regard to condition due to the efforts of our ground staff. Head Curator Leon Moore is passionate about providing the best grounds for our community to use. His knowledge and skill is highly regarded in the industry and Marcellin is very lucky to have him overseeing our grounds. Much credit must also go to Joshua Pickett and Steven Morris who are part of Leons team. 

Each week we will aim to provide you with a small insight to what occurs to prepare the Bray and Lyons oval in preparation for the summer season of cricket.