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VCE Legal Studies - 2017 La Trobe University Mooting Competition

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VCE Legal Studies - 2017 La Trobe University Mooting Competition
by Andrew Bryson - Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 12:54 PM

Last week, Marcellin College VCE Unit Legal Studies students sent two teams to the 2017 La Trobe University Mooting Competition.

In this competition, teams argue for either the prosecution or the defence in a mock trial, based on a fictional case. This year 35 teams entered, from across Melbourne and country Victoria. Our two teams performed excellently, and Angela Bottari (Legal Studies teacher) and Rose Chapple (Moot coach) were very proud of both teams.

During the rounds, the teams have two sessions in front of a final year Law student from La Trobe, arguing both the defence and the prosecution. The final four top teams will be arguing in the Federal Court on Thursday night. The top two will go on to argue before a panel of three County Court judges.

La Trobe Moot organisers commented: “The standard of performance this year has been particularly high and your students were simply outstanding. Many displayed a natural flair for advocacy and we could readily tell how much work had been put into the process. Mooting is not an easy task and we hope that your students feel proud of their achievements, as they should, and importantly, that they enjoyed themselves”. 

It has been a highly competitive competition and only four teams can go through to the finals. In consultation with representatives of the Law School who attended every session to ensure consistency, scores were awarded by the judges of each round.  After reviewing the scores, the semi-finalists are:

St Monica's College

Sirius College Meadow Fair

Marcellin College

Lalor Secondary College

The finals will be held at the Federal Court on Thursday 7 September at 5.30 pm.

The Federal Court is located at 305 William Street, Melbourne. The closest parking is at The Mint or the Queen Victoria Market. Light refreshments will also be served. All participants of the 2017 Moot competition, as well as friends and relatives of the finalists are warmly invited to attend.

Congratulations to our two teams for their dedication and excellence in performance and good luck for the finals.

I’d also like to acknowledge the work of Angela Bottari and Rose Chapple and wish all participants the best on Thursday.

(Edited by Leesa Gathercole - original submission Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 9:46 AM)

(Edited by Leesa Gathercole - original submission Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 11:56 AM)