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Captain of Volleyball and Squash

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Captain of Volleyball and Squash
by Benjamin Reynolds - Thursday, 2 November 2017, 11:45 AM

Congratulations to James Viola and Julian Berghella who have been named Captains of the 1st Volleyball and Squash teams. 

2018 SQ  2018 VB

1st Volleyball - James Viola

James is a Mannes boy has been part of the Volleyball program since year nine and has enjoyed playing this none traditional sport. as Captain he is looking forward to helping the new players in the squad and keen to see if the team can make finals this year. His advice to junior volleyballers is simple. Don’t be scared by an opposition team because  most points lost are due to things that happen on your side of the net. Silly mistakes, not using your voice, are what we must work on.  Points will be scored by your own team will happen because of that. 

Good luck to James and the Volleyball squad. 

Squash - Julian Berghella

A Carnie student, Julian has played squash for Marcellin every year since year eight. He has also played tennis and football. Julian rates the two Squash Victoria Pennants as his best achievements so far and is looking to see if the team can obtain another one again this season. What else is he looking forward to in his role as Captain? Inspiring the upcoming junior players to strive for the highest and become great players like myself and the others in the 1st team. His advice for junior players is to attend training every week because it’s going to make you a better player by practicing  against players who are older than you and with more experience.

Good luck to Julian and the squash teams for the season ahead.