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2018 College Captain profiles

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2018 College Captain profiles
by Adriano Di Prato - Thursday, 2 November 2017, 10:30 AM

Lewis Michelangeli - College Captain

After coming from St Martin’s Primary School in Rosanna, Lewis has been a member of the Marcellin College community since 2013. It was not the smoothest transition in to secondary school for Lewis. What aided him in settling in was active participation in a wide range of co-curricular activities, in areas encompassing performing arts, academics and sport. These included: Volleyball, Rugby, Tournament of the Minds, Athletics, Junior and Senior Productions, Transition Days, Winter Sleep Outs, the Remar Program and the Cambodian Immersion. The Marcellin Community has constantly been a support and encouragement to Lewis and his endeavors, which has engendered strong feelings of belonging and inclusiveness; two things which Lewis values heavily at the College.

In his eyes, the formation of positive relationships is an essential aspect in building an inclusive community, because without people to turn to, it is often hard to feel welcome. He feels motivated by mateship because it reminds him of the position he used to be in, when he did not feel part of the College yet. He knows that it was his participation and his friends that got him to where he is today and feels driven by other people doing the same. Lewis’ formation of positive relationships has been a key to his love of Marcellin, and are what make him know that he truly belongs.

Lewis is working towards developing a College where all students and staff feel that they belong, through the embodiment of family spirit. At Marcellin, there is great emphasis on the five Marist Characteristics, and none have resonated with Lewis more than that of Family Spirit. It is the family spirit between members of the Marcellin community that has stimulated his sense of belonging and inclusiveness. This is his vision for the position. He will strive for all students and staff to know that they can contribute greatly to the College and their own legacy. Lewis understands the importance of active participation in creating and shaping this vision.  He has high hopes for 2018, and this hope rests on a more relational and inclusive school. 


James Reginato – College Vice-Captain

James came to Marcellin College as a Year 7 student in 2013 after attending St. Martin of Tours Primary School in Rosanna. The transition between primary and secondary school was a smooth one. He was joined by several other boys from his primary school and through the support of his pastoral, teachers and peers, James settled into the Marcellin family relatively quickly.  In the early days of Year 7, James particularly remembers the welcoming, nurturing and self-giving nature of the boys and staff he came in contact with. With the support of his teachers and friends, James began to build his confidence as well as his deep sense of belonging, a theme which he is determined to instill amongst the Marcellin College community.

Throughout his time at Marcellin, James has been involved in a variety of academic and co-curricular activities at the College. He has been an active participant during the annual College Open Days and Transition Days and has assisted as a crew member in the 2016 and 2017 senior productions. Recently, James alongside seven other boys represented the College in the annual Latrobe University Mooting Competition and was fortunate enough to compete in the finals at the Federal Court of Australia. 2017 has seen James share his passion for music with others through his involvement in the annual Champagnat Day ‘Marcellin’s Got Talent’, as well as various lunchtime performances throughout the year. The positive connections James has formed during his time at the College now motivates him to ensure that all members of the community are given the same experience. 

Moving into 2018, James, alongside the leadership team and other College captains, aims to strengthen and develop the integral relationships that form a part of the “Nest culture”. He hopes to create an environment that embodies the Marist characteristic of Family Spirit by encouraging others to be inclusive, welcoming and supportive of each other. James is striving to inspire others to “dream more, do more, learn more and become more” (John Quincy Adams). He is excited to share his vision for the Marcellin community and is striving to build on the strong sense of belonging which resonated with him in the beginning of his high school journey.


Gerard McConville – College Vice-Captain

Gerard McConville begun his life at Marcellin College in 2013, after previously attending Holy Spirit Primary School in East Thornbury. In Gerard’s early days at the College he found the transition period quite challenging, however with support from his pastoral leader, teachers and friends, Gerard was able to find his place at Marcellin and gradually develop his confidence, as well as his strong devotion to the College and the College Spirit. Gerard has been provided with a deep sense of family spirit by the Marcellin Community, something that he tries to build up in other members of the College.

Throughout his time at Marcellin College, Gerard has been a very committed member of Kenny House, and has been a part of the SRC Representative in Years 7, 9, 10 and 11. Gerard has been a part of the Marcellin Swimming and Rugby teams during his life at the College and will be travelling to Cambodia on a Pilgrimage with a group of other students and teachers later on in the year. It is through his involvement in both sport and co-curricular sides of the College life that Gerard has developed his strong relationships with the staff and his peers at Marcellin College; this being something that he is striving to instill in all members of the College Community.

In Year 12 Gerard will be undertaking four VCE subjects which are Units 3&4 English Language, Mathematical Methods, Physics and Indonesian. In 2018, Gerard is striving to work towards building an inclusive community at Marcellin by embodying the Marist Characteristics of Simplicity and Family Spirit. Alongside the Leadership Team in 2018, Gerard is aspiring to inspire each individual to make the most of their time at the College and to take advantage of every opportunity that they are presented with. A Marcellin family that is supportive of one another is something that Gerard endeavours to build towards in 2018.