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Headstart – Year 11 End of Year Program

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Headstart – Year 11 End of Year Program
by Andrew Bryson - Tuesday, 21 November 2017, 11:50 PM

On Monday 27 November the College will commence its Headstart program across all year levels. An outline of the Year 11 end of year program is listed below:

Monday 27 November                                                                                

  • Exam Feedback Day 1

Tuesday 28 November                                                                                

  • Exam Feedback Day 2

Wednesday 29 November to Wednesday 6 December                         

  • Year 12 Headstart (commence Year 12 classes) 

Thursday 7 December                                                                                

  • Final Day Assembly and Mass

Note: Monday 27 November and Tuesday 28 November will include an adjusted 6 period timetable based on Semester Two classes. This will allow students to receive feedback from all their subjects across these two days. Students will receive an adjusted Headstart timetable for these two days.

Further information outlining key activities held throughout this program are listed below for your reference.

Blocked Exam Feedback

Two days of exam feedback has been scheduled for current Year 11 students to provide immediate feedback on their recent exams. The aim of these sessions is to identify areas of achievement and areas for future improvement. Feedback will be provided across the following areas:

  • General feedback on the students’ performance

  • Question-specific feedback regarding sections of the exam / assessment

  • Student self- reflection of exam / assessment performance

Year 12 Headstart - Semester One classes

Current Year 11 students will commence 2018 classes on Wednesday 29 December and conclude Wednesday 6 December.

Students will participate in a Final Day Assembly and Mass on Thursday 7 December.

Note: Students enrolled in VCAL will be involved in the Year 7 end of year program between Monday 27 November and Friday 1 December. Commencing Monday 4 December they will be involved in a VCAL Orientation program for the duration of Headstart. Mr. Baldwin will communicate these details with students over the coming week.

Change of Subjects

The 2018 subject change timeline commenced on Wednesday 8 November, 2017 and will conclude on Friday 9 February, 2018. Students have received an email informing them of this process and forms can be collected from Student Services.

For any questions relating to the commencement of 2018 classes and subject changes please contact the relevant subject teacher or Ms. Kalli Koniaras (Head of Learning 10-12). General enquiries about the Headstart program can be directed to your son’s Pastoral Leader, House Coordinator, Head of Learning (10-12) or Head of Senior School.

We hope this new Headstart program provides opportunities for all students to learn new skills and captures the essence of ‘I Am Known as a Learner’ and is valuable in building the foundations for a successful 2018.