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2017 Marist Staff Award Recipient

Picture of Adriano Di Prato
2017 Marist Staff Award Recipient
by Adriano Di Prato - Monday, 4 December 2017, 9:34 AM

The 2017 Marist Staff Award celebrates all staff at Marcellin College and each year we celebrate one staff member who we feel is the most appropriate recipient in the calendar year. We invite staff, students and parents to nominate a staff member and then the three College Captains and three Junior School Captains come together to discern the final award recipient, based on the nominations of who exemplifies the five Marist characteristics of Love of Work, Presence, Simplicity, Family Spirit and In the Way of Mary.

We would like to mention Mr Anura Wickramasinghe and Mr Namby Thillainadarajah for their numerous nominations and support of the boys throughout 2017.

An honorable mention to Mr Damien Gidley who displayed a strong sense of Love of Work, who was recognized by the boys, from a range of year levels, for his genuine support and dedication to his students.

Another honorable mention to Ms Sarah Pyle who displayed a strong sense of Presence and was recognised by students for her positive and transparent relationships with boys from across the entire student body, as well as modelling the characteristics of humility and modesty.

For outstanding service and commitment to his work as a teacher, the recipient of the 2017 Marist Staff award is Mr Simon Abrahams.

There were many detailed responses from the boys explaining why Mr Abrahams was chosen for this award. Here are some of the comments from the students who chose to recognise Mr Abrahams for his commitment to Marcellin.

For Love of Work: He thrives in helping students achieve their goals in all aspects of the college not just academically.

For in the Way of Mary: His passion for education and continual hard work around the college not to mention being approved to build his own legacy at the college in leading a new house in 2018 reflects on the way Mary lived her life a role model to all.

For Family Spirit: An example is how he was able to get a quiet pastoral of boys with unseen personalities into a place of respect, love and an open floor for everyone to experience equally.

For Simplicity: He relates with students extremely well and keeps it simple so students enjoy school.

For Presence: Mr Abrahams is always there to help us with any issues we may have, he constantly supports us, cares for us, respects us, is attentive and always works on building strong relationships with us.

On behalf of the SRC executive we would like to extend this recognition to all the staff members who truly live out the Marist characteristics. Through your support and dedication, you have all acted as role models and leaders of the community. We would like to thank all of you for your significant contribution to the Marcellin community.

Written By John-Patrick Daly and Benjamin Perera.