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Marist Cricket Carnival

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Marist Cricket Carnival
by Benjamin Reynolds - Thursday, 7 December 2017, 9:51 AM

The 2017 Marist Cricket Carnival started on Tuesday with a squad of 13 players flying to Sydney. Host school St Gregory’s Campbelltown is one hour south of Sydney and has done a great job in organising the carnival of over 100 players and officials.

The schools that have joined us in Sydeny are Marist Sion Warragul, Sale Catholic College, ,Marist Ashgrove, Newman College Perth and St Gregs. Teams will play five days of cricket over six days with a rest day on Saturday.

The carnival started back in 1974 and has grown to having 18 schools playing at three different host schools each December. Events such as these remind us of how wonderful it is to be part of the Marist family. It is easy to forget sometimes in the day to day routine of school life that we are all part of this larger community.

The early guiding principles clearly state the intentions of the carnival.

The original concept was to expose our boys to the wider Marist community, to help them remove School or State blinkers and see there are Schools, Brothers, Lay Staff and boys just like them, with the same ideals and background, and steeped in the same Marist spirit and tradition, in places right across the nation; to have our boys meet these of the Marist men on and off the cricket field; to provide an opportunity for boys, staff and families to make friends across the nation; to involve parents as workers and supporters; in short, to promulgate and strengthen the Marist message.

This years carnival results will be posted via MyCricket. A link to that competition can be found here.