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Short Story Competition

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Short Story Competition
by Andrew Bryson - Thursday, 7 December 2017, 9:41 AM

The Marcellin College Short Story Competition 2017 was held throughout Term Three with the winners of the competition being announced on earlier this term.

The competition was very successful with a fantastic selection of stories from across all year levels, covering a variety subjects and genres.  

Entrants are to be congratulated for their commitment to their writing. It takes courage to put your thoughts and ideas in writing and to submit them for others to read and our students have done a wonderful job.

During today’s end of year assembly the following winners will be formally acknowledged for their outstanding writing skills.

Junior Section

  1. Dominic Kennedy ‘Enter through the front door’

  2. Christopher Brunetti ‘The sky fell down’

  3. Joshua Chadwick ‘Down but not out’

Encouragement Award: Louis Dimopoulos ‘The Pack’

Senior Section

  1. Domenic Britton ‘Faith in the fall’

  2. Ronan Long ‘Time in a bottle’

  3. Stephen Catsamas ‘The Mobian Pilot’

Encouragement Award: Darcy Harkin ‘Oswald the Scoundrel’

We would like to congratulate the above listed students and encourage all students to continue to continue their passion for writing. All short story entries can be read via the Placidus Resource Centre link on MyMarcellin or by clicking HERE.

I’d like to acknowledge the work of Ms. O’Brien and Mr. Sherridan in providing this great opportunity for our boys.