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Individual Needs Department: Term Two Extension Activities

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Individual Needs Department: Term Two Extension Activities
by Andrew Bryson - Wednesday, 6 June 2018, 3:52 PM

The Individual Needs Department provides various enrichment activities that students may wish to participate in throughout each term. This term students have had the opportunity to undertake any one of the following activities.

The Da Vinci Decathlon

Da Vinci Decathlon is a day-long competition involving challenges in ten different disciplines. On Monday 21 May and Friday 25 May, Marcellin entered three teams of eight Year 7 and 9 students who were invited to participate in The Da Vinci Decathlon. Activities included Mathematics, English, Science, Code Breaking, Engineering Challenge, General Knowledge, Ideation, Forensic Sleuths, Creative Producers, Art and Poetry.

Congratulations to the following Year 7 students; Riley Brennan, Ted Conlan, Xavier Garita, Matthew Gianello, Luke Graham, Jakson Hall, Thomas McCarthy, Will McCrohan, Lewis Murray, Joel Napoleone, Harrison Pickett, Alexander Sarmas, Alessio Teoh, Jack Voulgaris, Sebastian Wightman and Jason Yim.

Congratulations to the following Year 9 students;  Alex De Cesaris, Oscar Brazzale, Matthew Bokan, Callum Corbally, Xander Gammaldi, Daniel Perinetti, Matthew O’Connell and Chris Pon.

Everyone involved had a wonderful day and congratulations to the Year 7 team who were awarded third place in the General Knowledge section of the competition. Commendations to the Year 9 team who placed 2nd in the Cartography discipline.

Thank you to Ms. Rice, Ms. Mutimer and Ms. O’Shea for supporting these students on the day.

Year 7 Ext Activity

Chess Coaching & Tournaments

This co-curricular opportunity continued in Term Two for any student interested in learning the strategies of playing Chess. Leonid Sandler, an International Chess Master from Chess Australia works with these students every term and the number of students participating in the weekly Chess program continues to grow.

It is well researched that Chess encourages students to become independent thinkers and self-starters, equipped with the ability to analyse and reason, be quick problem solvers, strategists and good planners. The program continues in Term Three and on Monday 6 August, Marcellin will host an inter-school Chess Tournament.

Please see Ms. O’Shea if are interested in being involved or have any questions.

Senior Gifted Academy Conference

On Friday 18 May, twenty Year 10 and 11 students accepted the extension opportunity to participate in the 2017 Senior Gifted and Talented Student Conference Day run by Academy Conferences called ‘Big Questions for Bright Minds’.

It was held at Camberwell Grammar with over 300 students from a variety of schools attending. This intensive one day program of short lectures and debates, gave students the opportunity to experience very high quality learning with expert lecturers. The content was fast paced and differentiated to meet the needs of highly able learners which aim to take students well beyond traditional school subject matter. Topics included Rock in 11 Dimensions - Where Physics and Guitars Collide, Examining claims about the afterlife, Gold Medal Mindset and concluded with The BIG Debate -This house believes that everyone should tell the truth all the time.

The Year 10 students who participated in the activity were Giacomo Carbone, Jack Crawford, Patrick Lavery, Dominic Mathai, Benjamin Perera, Ealef Skaliotis, Austin Ulmer.

The Year 11 students were Mitchell Ambler, Damien Bisinella, Thomas Bone, Patrick Bourke, Stephen Catsamas, Perry Costa, Sandaru Kannangara, James Murray, Caleb Ostwald, Nicholas Perera, Matthew Scheffer, Michael Shannon and Andrew Vassiliou.

Below are students’ comments from the conference:

‘I enjoyed the presentation and exploration of ideas which are not commonly encountered in the classical school environment. The diverse range of subject matters from classical logic to effective mindsets gave much food for thought which could be taken away from day.’

‘I found the day to be thoroughly enjoyable... The physics component hosted by the guest physicist was the highlight as I found the content to be the most intriguing. The explanation of string theory and the behaviour of the most fundamental of particles used in conjunction with introducing quantum mechanics was a lesson that was not only fascinating but very important, especially due to my future studies that involve physics. The prior debate was also intriguing as it enabled discussion and involvement of students whose opinions and beliefs were interesting to consider.’

Thank you to Ms. Rice, Ms. Abud and Ms. O’Shea for supporting these students on the day.

Please see or contact Ms. Rice, Mr. Golds, Ms. O’Shea or Ms. Abud if you are interested in participating in any of these exciting opportunities in Term Three.