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Faith Matters

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Faith Matters
by Carolyn Young - Thursday, 14 June 2018, 9:42 AM

As each donation comes in from boys and families in support of our Solidarity Week and the communities of Exodus, West Heidelberg, and Pailin, Cambodia, hope for the future of these communities - and for our own - increases. I thank all who have donated clothing, toothbrushes/toothpaste, food and money for Marcellin College to pass onto the people supported by Marists in these different yet similar communities. The people of West Heidelberg and Pailin are challenged by the same needs that we all have – the need for nourishment, safety and shelter. To stand in solidarity with someone is to recognise our shared hopes and to bring him or her hope – hope in the knowledge he is not alone, hope in the understanding that someone cares about her, and hope in the thought that a better future may result from people standing together as equals. Our donations, which the College will prepare to distribute after June 18, are a simple way that we can demonstrate our commitment to standing in solidarity with those in need. Every day we bring God’s love and the hope that is born from it to others in the ways that we help one another, encourage each other and challenge one another to put others before ourselves.

It was wonderful during our Solidarity Assembly after our Champagnat Day Mass to hear about the many ways our young men bring hope to others through their generous service in places like the Exodus Community. It was also wonderful to hear of the hope our young men get from these experiences. I invite you to click below 

 to view that presentation; to learn more about ways our boys are supported to stand in solidarity with others, to be proud of their generous care for those in need, and to draw inspiration from our boys’ commitment to putting others before themselves. Thank you again for your support of them, our Solidarity Week and our partnership with you to form good Christians and good citizens’ in our Marist community.