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Day 3: Sultan's Palace - kampung life - Prambanan

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Day 3: Sultan's Palace - kampung life - Prambanan
by Hugh Holliday - Thursday, 28 June 2018, 1:13 AM

After two early starts we began the day with a more leisurely pace. We travelled by bus to the Sultan’s Palace. The Sultan is the symbolic leader of the region of Yogyakarta like the Queen is to Australia. We walked through the palace and saw many amazing sites such as prince’s quarters, different meeting spaces and other museum and historical rooms. One of the rooms describes how the current Sultan is a progressive leader who is trying to connect to his people in a contemporary world. Walking around the Palace felt peaceful and calm. The various people at the temple were respectful to us and happy to explain any interesting facts about the Palace. The other visitors who were walking around and embracing the palace were fascinated be the fact that there were young Australians walking around and learning about the history of the Palace as well. Many local visitors to the palace were very keen to have a photos taken with us, and the Marcellin boys were more than happy to oblige.

After our tour around the Palace, we walked through a small neighbourhood called Kampung Taman Sari on our way to a market. The neighbourhood was full of light and smells and all the people were coming out of their houses to say hello. There was a feeling of welcome from the people as we walked through and it was great to see the type of living compared to what we have in Australia and how lucky we were. The smiles and laughter from the people were echoing through the streets. We came to a small doorway that lead to a large courtyard where we had our first encounter of local Batik painting and art. We embraced an opportunity to practise our conversational skills whilst buying a cool ice-cream, taking a break from the sweltering heat of the Yogyakarta streets.

We moved onto the market just down the road called Pasar Ngasem where we embraced the smells and feel of the place. We again had the opportunity to practice our skills to buy small foods like bananas and oranges. This market was not like those at home but more impressive than any other market I had been to.

We were so hungry after that and headed straight to the restaurant Sekar Kedhaton where we were warmly welcomed by the waiters at the door. At this stage I saw more and more people beginning to use the language to order food and to converse with the restaurant staff. We had some great food and drink and was a great rest before heading to the grand 10th Century Hindu temple Prambanan. We were fortunate enough to arrive just in time to see the sunset over this spectacular site. We learnt about the history and we heard a great legend on how this temple was made. Adding to this wonderful experience we headed just across the road to have a once in a lifetime experience eating dinner with and amazing view of the illuminated Prambanan temple. We finished our day with a wonderful moment watching the legendary story of Ramayana and Shinta. The Gamelan music was soothing and the cool night breeze was a welcomed relief from the day’s humidity. It was a valuable opportunity for all as we got to see another part of the cultural background of this fabulous country.


This was a long yet rewarding day but it went fast as it was jam-packed with lots of fun and exciting experiences for all. We are looking forward to the next day; may it be as fun as today.    



By Stephen Hannah (Year 9) and Andrew Vassiliou (Year 11)

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Re: Day 3: Sultan's Palace - kampung life - Prambanan
by Melissa Mackellin - Thursday, 28 June 2018, 7:19 AM

It sounds as though you have had a wonderful start to the tour. Such interesting places and people you have met already - and apparently everyone wants your photograph... well of course!

Keep safe, look after each other and enjoy every moment of this great opportunity. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures!