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Day 5: Language session - Malioboro - wayang kulit

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Day 5: Language session - Malioboro - wayang kulit
by Hugh Holliday - Saturday, 30 June 2018, 1:15 AM

On Day 5 we started off with our second language lesson at 9am. We learnt new Indonesian phrases and we improved our bartering skills in Indonesian. At 12pm the lesson concluded, and we headed to Jiwangga which was a unique restaurant in amongst rice fields. It was in a beautiful spot and was decorated with a mixture of Chinese Buddhism and Javanese culture and had a small river behind it where we saw a snake swim through.

After lunch we went to a silver factory where we had a go at making jewellery which proved very difficult, participating in the making of the jewellery really made us appreciate the skill and patience of the workers, it was a very good effort from the workers who were able to help us with the jewellery and even finish it off for us.

We then went back to the hotel for a quick dinner and went out to Jalan Malioboro and walked down through all the shops and watched some street performers. Malioboro was very busy and there were people, becaks, horses, motorbikes and cars all throughout the street making it much more hectic than Melbourne. Lots of people were curious and wanted to have photos with us. We walked all the way down Malioboro to a wayang kulit (shadow puppet) performance. It was hard to follow because the narration was in all Javanese and backed with gamelan music. After about 40 minutes of the show we took becaks back to the hotel, this was a good way to experience the traffic and craziness of the roads in Jogja.

This trip has been a massive eye-opener for all of us taking part as it has shown how fortunate we are in Melbourne compared to how the people in Indonesia live. It has been a real worthwhile experience so far and we have also improved our language skills whilst immersing ourselves in the culture of Indonesia.

By Darcy Pierce (Year 10), with Darcy Crettenden (2017 Graduate).