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Day 6: Language cooking class - visiting a high school

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Day 6: Language cooking class - visiting a high school
by Hugh Holliday - Saturday, 30 June 2018, 10:56 AM

Today was the 6th day of our Indonesian tour and like most days it began with breakfast at the hotel before a short bus ride to our final class at Alam Bahasa. Again, class began with a greeting song from our teachers, although today was slightly different because class involved an excursion to the local traditional market where we bought the ingredients to make Nasi Goreng using the skills learnt during the past lessons. This was interesting but challenging experience because the market was a very different atmosphere to our usual surroundings, and because the market sellers predominantly spoke Javanese buying the ingredients proved to be test of our language ability. On our return to Alam Bahasa we commenced our cooking lesson, we cooked the classic Indonesian dish Nasi Goreng. For the boys with little cooking experience this was a steep learning curve, but in the end we worked with our teachers to create a delicious meal. It proved to be an emotional farewell at Alam Bahasa, our teachers were so proud at how much we had improved our Indonesian competence and our efforts in learning their language.


After lunch we travelled to a high school we are hoping to build a relationship with, SMKN 2 Sewon, a vocational school in Yogyakarta, as we arrived we were introduced to the staff and had a tour of the school. The staff were extremely generous and kind hearted and made us feel welcome instantly. What was immediately apparent was the hope the school community had although they are not as fortunate as us in Australia. We were then seated for a gathering with the school staff, they were very hospitable offering us various traditional Indonesian delicacies and presenting each of us with a t-shirt designed by the school’s visual communication students. The gathering served as a warm introduction to our new relationship and a chance to begin forming a connection that will broaden our understanding of the culture behind the language we study.


We then played a friendly soccer game with the school students, and this served as an opportunity to break the language barrier and made it easier to get to know them. We then taught them the skills for AFL, although we didn’t have all the technical vocabulary to describe some techniques, the kids understood and were eventually able to kick, mark and handball a footy. It was inspiring to see their enthusiasm to learn about our game. Afterwards we presented the students with small gifts with the hope that the memory of our first meeting will last.


We definitely had mixed feeling about the conclusion of our day, it was sad to leave our teachers at Alam Bahasa and our new friends at SMKN 2 Sewon but today was a day to remember.

By Jack Egan (Year 10) and Harry Pierce (2017 Graduate)