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Day 9: Semarang

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Day 9: Semarang
by Hugh Holliday - Wednesday, 4 July 2018, 3:43 PM

Today we got to sleep in a bit after a long day on the road yesterday. After having breakfast which consisted of a lot of pastry items we boarded the coach at about 10:00. We then visited a Muslim mosque. 

Pak Imam (our guide for the trip) then told us about the history of the mosque. It was a great experience as we were there when there were a few people praying so it was good to see a religious prayer rather then our own. We then ventured on to go to the Chinese temple. 

Each place of worship we have been to has been completely different and this is because Indonesia has a lot of different religions and this is why the Chinese temple is successful. The Chinese temple is popular because of all the wonderful sights to see but also because there is a prayer room for Muslims to pray if they need to. While we were at the temple we saw a very brave chicken that kept on standing on a massive python that was trying to sleep. While we were at the temple we met some really nice police trainees that wanted to chat and get a photo.

In the afternoon we traveled to a mall to do a bit of shopping and also get some lunch. A fair few of the boys headed straight to KFC to get a burger for lunch. Then the boys had free time to have a walk around as long as no one left the building. Darcy, Cooper, Louis, Jack and myself then headed to the arcade to have a look. We put some money on a card and started to play a few of the games and earn some tokens which we then gave to some kids so they could buy something from the store. When everyone arrived down at Level One, Harry one of the older boys had purchased frozen popcorn that was covered by dry ice. He was kind and let everyone have some and a lot of people had some fun with it while others that were holding the cup froze there hands. While all this was happening the little kid from the arcade and her Mum were both still trying to say thank you to us. After a laid back day we arrived back at the hotel and had some relaxing time most of the boys had a nice swim. For dinner there most boys just had some fried rice and grilled chicken.

By Joel Anderson, Year 9