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Day 20 - Roma

Picture of Nicholas Moloney
Day 20 - Roma
by Nicholas Moloney - Wednesday, 11 July 2018, 6:48 AM

Although today was our last full day in Italy as a group, we still had a very busy day ahead of us. We left the hotel in the morning as we headed off to the Vatican City.

The bus took us through some of Rome's main buildings which were explained by our tour guide Ulysse, before stopping at the Vatican Museum. The museum highlighted the art collections of the various Popes of the Catholic Church. These works varied from sculptures to paintings and tapestries. After exploring the museum we went to the Sistine Chapel. This Chapel featured amazing frescoes that were painted by Michelangelo, such as the creation of Adam and the last judgement. Although the Chapel was very busy, it was very enjoyable to view. The Chapel was followed by St. Peter's Basilica, the biggest Church in the world. We learnt about all of the paintings and statues in this church and their significance. It was incredible to be able to go through such a large, grand Church. We ended our time at the Vatican City in St. Peter's Square, as we were given the opportunity to buy souvenirs for ourselves or our family. The Vatican City was a brilliant place to visit and was also nice to be a part of our wider faith community.

After our stunning expedition of the Vatican City we set out on foot to witness some stunning places Rome has to offer. We took a quick bus ride to where we had lunch some of us purchased spectacular focaccia's that were made to perfection. From lunch we walked to the Spanish steps which was a beautiful site. After another quick walk we arrived at the fountana Di Trevi or better know as the Trevi Fountain. All of us spared a few coins for the occasion to toss into the Trevi. It was a spectacular site to see and the water looked perfect, something the boys will never forget. While we were there we purchased some homemade Gelati. We also passed over the Tiber river and visited the Pantheon that was once a temple that was converted into a church but also holds the resting place of Raphael. This is just some of what we were able to do today and a perfect way to bring the 2018 Italy Tour to an end.

Nick S