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Final Reflection 2018

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Final Reflection 2018
by Nicholas Moloney - Wednesday, 11 July 2018, 9:05 PM

Whilst on this Italy tour I have felt a sense care and love between all of the students, and now that we are coming to the end of the trip we are all upset as we don’t want it to be over. I believe that I have formed another family on this Italy tour. We have been granted the access to explore and experience the beautiful attractions of Italy as we have gone from country to seaside to the city, so we have been able to experience the beauty from all angles. My language has prospered whilst being here as I have been exposed more to it. The moments I have made here will be ones to remember. - Tom Zuccala

The Italy tour has allowed me to explore the culture and history of another country being my first time out of Australia. I have used this trip to learn how different yet similar the lifestyle is here compared to back home. I feel I have deepened my knowledge of this beautiful country and have tried my best to use the language as much as possible which has improved my communication skills. I have appreciated Italy’s history and art and feel as though I have matured greatly over the course of these three unforgettable weeks, I hope to come back some time soon! - Dean Campisi

This tour has been unforgettable. The information told about the history of Italy turned out to be interesting. Throughout the trip I have made many new friendships which has improved my experience of the trip. The whole group enjoyed learning more of the Italian language as well as more about the language. Throughout the trip my self awareness has improved as well as my maturity. The culture of Italy is one truly amazing thing to experience. - Joel Catena

The 2018 Italy tour has made so grateful for what I actually have. Never in my life had I thought that I could travel to Italy with all me friends, but thanks to Marcellin College, that made it a reality and for that, I thank them a lot. I have improved my language, my independence, my friendship, and I got to experience the riveting country of Italy from top to bottom. - Lucca Giannangelo

My time in Italy was unforgettable, we visited many amazing city’s and experienced things that not many people have. Florence was very enjoyable because it is a big place and there was a lot to see and witness, there were many amazing churches and iconic land marks such as il duomo that dates back hundreds of years. This trip gave me the chance to experience a new culture and a new way of lifestyle it also helped me make create friendships as well as improving existing ones.  - Ben Rossi 

I could not have asked for a better trip to gain an insight into the culture and spirituality that Italy has to offer. The experiences that I have gained will last a lifetime and it’s sad this trip has come to an end. I’ve appreciated the vibrant and spectacular cities throughout Italy and wish to have stayed longer. My language skills have developed thoroughly in speaking because we are forced to work our way around the city and talking to people using only and obviously Italian. - Philippe Attallah

This has been a trip like no other. A trip that will stay with me for the rest of my life. While I  have been in Italy I have learnt so much about the Italian culture and even more about the history. In Italy I have seen many amazing things and been to many amazing places. Although I have missed my family I have gained a new one filled with friends, teachers and great memories. I would like to thank the teacher's for organizing this amazing trip and my friends for making this a fun trip. - Daniel Dastoli

Throughout the short time we have been here we have been immersed in the life in Italy. We spent our time seeing the beauty’s of the country, involving ourselves in the culture and learning the language. This trip has grown our knowledge and built friendships that we will hold for a lifetime. - John Averte 

I have noticed the contrasts and similarities between home and this amazing place. My understanding of the world has deepened and I feel older and more experienced. My self awareness has improved as throughout this time I have learned a lot about my self and how to communicate with different personalities. My appreciation for history and architecture has developed and I have been star struck by the brilliant monuments and sites that I have seen. I am thankful for the memories I have made with the group and for the teachers who have shown me both the well known areas of Italy and the secrets of Italy. I can't wait to come back. - Ben Marcon

This has been a trip like no other, in missing our families we gained one and new friendship with teachers that will last forever. I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for art as the art pieces we saw were the things that we look at in class, even though I wasn’t in Italy for language I got better at it in the 3 weeks that we were here for, learning about the history and culture that Italy has to offer was fascinating as we had immersed ourselves in it by visiting Ancient Roman ruins and someone the most beautiful beaches on foot - James Brancatella

The 2018 Italian Trip tour has been an incredible experience. I have had the opportunity to create many new friends, improve my Italian language and view the wonderful country of Italy. Whether it was the scenic views, the history of the city or the famous landmarks this tour has been enjoyable and memorable. I have made many new memories and have many stories that I will be able to share for many years to come. - Dominic Scopece 

During the Italian tour I have felt a great wave of emotions. During the past 3 weeks I have experienced cultures of different cities and towns, the Italian language being surrounded by it and a whole new set of life lessons to be taken away with me all the way back to Melbourne. Having almost completed my 22 days, I have achieved my goal of trying to immerse myself in the Italian language. To speak it and to learn more of it. I have achieved this by being able to speak somewhat fluent in shops and gain a better knowledge sense in my oral side of the language. This is one experience I will never forget.  - Jordan Molini 

My three weeks in Italy have tought me so much about the Italian Language and Lifestyle. I have experienced an amazing journey of discovery and learning from places and people that I would never even think to go to or view. I have been amazed by the stunning works of famous artists throughout this trip, Michelangelo's marble that he worked into reality, Leonardo's countless inventions which still define parts of the modern world and his beautiful paintings in are renowned throughout the world. I have really enjoyed this Italy emersion that I have been so grateful to be part of and can't wait for future experiences of language emersion to come. - Valentino Vargetto

This educational trip has been a great experience and helped me appreciate the beauty of Italy. It was interesting observing Italian culture and day to day life in a country that is not your own. Now I know of the hardships the Italian people have faced. I am happy I went on this trip and will definitely come back to this great country to see some more of the beautiful landmarks. - Luke Ferraro


On the tour I learnt so much in terms of the culture and how people act around Italy, as well as how to speak the language better. We've gone through many cities with each place being unique and different to the other and I really enjoyed being able to take in the views and learn about the history of all the ancient buildings. One of my favourite places on this tour would have to be Cinqueterre which has very different villages and great views. - Llewelyn Angarano

This trip has not only showed me aspects of Italians culture but also the spiritual side and how different lifestyle here is compared to Australia. I have learnt some much on this trip and been lucky enough to see this ‘utopia’ in such a short time. All the boys have grown together into a family and has created friendships that will last a lifetime. But as the trip is coming to an end Mr Camarda always says “glass half full”. - Luigi Turco

On the Italian tour I felt like we became more independent because we had a lot of responsibilities that we had to deal with by ourselves. Throughout this tour there has been a sense of family that has been built between the students and teachers. On top of all this we have honestly learnt a lot about the culture and I prefer it more then Melbourne. - Joshua Cioccio

This trip has allowed me to further explore Italy. I enjoyed the various famous monuments and being able to experience the culture of Italy. This trip has allowed me to further improve my language skills. I was also able to see my family who live in Italy which was a great opportunity which I am very grateful for. - Luca Carfi

Throughout this trip I have had many wonderful experiences and developed many diverse relationships with people across the year levels. Immersing myself in the Italian culture over the past three weeks has given me a greater understanding of the Italian people and has allowed me to develop my language skills greatly. Some of my favourite places we have visited are Como, as on the lake there were many breathtaking sights to be seen and the town was very relaxing, Florence, as there was so many different things to do and see, and Matera as the city made from caves was truely fascinating and unique. This trip has been a wonderful experience and I will carry the memories with me throughout my life.  - Christian Toppi

Italy has opened my mind up. Not just from witnessing the culture and cuisine. It has taught me to be responsible and independent through activities we have completed and the freedom we have been given to wonder off and explore our new environments. The people in Italy were great they that took time out of their day to make our experience worth while. The countless number of buildings we visited with beautiful architecture and stunning paintings and the history of the places we visited was great to learn and the trip has greatly enhanced my understanding and speaking of the Italian language. A truly amazing trip. - Luke Baggio

The trip has been a trip I’ll never forget and a trip I will always be grateful for because I’ve  got to share it with all the boys that have been great, like a big family.

The places we have visited have been mind blowing, we have all learnt so much about the history of these places and have all immersed ourselves with the culture Italy provides. And all of these great experiences wouldn’t be possible without the countless hours the teachers have put in to this trip, and we all appreciate it. - Matteo Ritoli

Throughout the Italy Tour, I felt cared for, and had an amazing time with a family of friends and teachers. All of the sites and guides were worth it, however long they went for. - John-Paul Italiano

Throughout the educational tour in Italy I grew in so many aspects. I improved immensely in my ability to use the Italian  language in a real life situation. It was amazing to adventure both the north and south of this truly beautiful country and they are equally as captivating. I have formed new relationships with boys that I hadn’t previously interacted with and builded on existing friendships while experiencing memories that will stay with me forever. - Josh Dimattina 

The 2018 Italy tour has been an amazing experience and a trip of a lifetime for me. I have made many new friendships on this trip that I will keep for a long time and memories that I will look back on in years to come. Out of all the places we visited I would have to say Cinque Terre was the best for me. The five lands were amazing and without a doubt I will definitely visit again. Overall I want to thank my parents for giving me this opportunity and the teachers on this trip because without them this trip would not have been possible. - Julian Stark 

Having the opportunity to be in Italy with my old and newly made friends is a dream come true. Over this twenty-one day experience I’ve learnt the root of many of my nonni’s attributes, the importance of Catholicism and it’s history after admiring a multitude of Cathedral’s in various cities from Milan to the Vatican. Moving around day to day in Italia it’s evident that we’re half way across the Globe; the food, locals personality and the scenery especially are all extremely foreign to me and it’s these characteristics of Italy that have made this trip one to be remembered. - Gianni Iannantuono

On this trip I have very much enjoyed the places we have been to such as Milan, Venice, Cinque Terre and Matera I have also thoroughly enjoyed views, culture and food of Italy and the way it has helped me to expand my knowledge of the language and culture of Italy. I think that everyone has enjoyed the trip and taken a lot out of and the boys will cherish these memories in the future. - Louis Lapadula

To put it simply, the 2018 Italy Tour has been amazing. Leading up to the trip I was very nervous and worried about many things. Not having close friends coming on the trip I thought I'd be alone a lot of the time. However that was not the case. The fun times I've had with new friends that I've made will be remembered forever. Through this tour I've learnt so much more about the history of Italy that I never knew about. Seeing the Italian culture and way of life is incredible, not only because it is so different to that in Australia, but because people of all ages can be seen roaming the streets alone with their friends.  - Damiano Scaramuzzino

The trip has gone extremely fast, yet so much has been achieved. From visiting places like Milan and Venice in the north to visiting Sorrento and Matera in the south, we have witnessed the differences in culture between the two and embraced ourselves in their foods, traditions and the language. We have also made new friendships that will last a lifetime and bonded with kids from all year levels. I feel grateful to be given this opportunity and I will never forget it. - David Crucitti

This whole trip has been really enjoyable for me and I'm sure the rest of the boys here. It's a once on a lifetime opportunity to travel this much of Italy with so many friends around you at this age especially. I've thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the language and feel culture of this beautiful county.  -Sean Russell

During the Italy trip, there will be experiences I will take away with me for the rest of my life. I have made lots of new friendships and met new people. I have also improved the use of my Italian language in the real world, and become more independent without my parents around. I want to thank my family for this opportunity, because without them this experience would not have been possible. - Matteus Siri

This trip has been one of the most amazing things I have done in my life. From immersing myself in the rich, Italian culture to doing some great activities during the day, this trip has allowed me to further develop my language, experience things I could never do back at home and form new friendships that will last a lifetime. I feel very lucky to have been able to participate in this tour and I am thankful to everyone who made this possible. - Nicholas Ciano.

The time we have spent here has surely been worthwhile, this was a magnificent experience in which I will remember forever. The friends that I have made and the people that I have met beautifully capture the culture and country of Italy. I have promised my self that when I am older, I will come back with my family and share the experiences and fun that I have had here with them. This is all thanks to my parents and Marcellin college who gave me the opportunity to come here, without them this would not have happened. So thank you. - Taite Phillips

The 2018 education tour to Italy has been a real eye opener for me as I have been immersed of the culture of a beautiful country. As we spent 20 days travelling through Italy, we enhanced the use of the language, experienced the food, culture, art, architecture of the local region, and made great friendships along the way. Thank you to the teachers and parents for providing me with this experience. - Callum Corbally

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Re: Final Reflection 2018
by Matteo Ritoli - Wednesday, 11 July 2018, 10:45 PM

What joy this travel has been to you all