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2019 Student Leadership Day

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2019 Student Leadership Day
by Assistant Principals (Students) - Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 1:37 PM

On Tuesday 12 March, the student leaders of Marcellin engaged in a workshop facilitated by the College Captains. The theme for this year’s workshop was, ‘Having the Courage to Lead’ and allowed our young men an opportunity to reflect upon their values, the values of the College, and how we can work together to ensure our community strives for the highest in all that we do. Lachlan Cross, 2019 Drama Captain, shared a reflection on his participation.

Having the Courage to lead to me, means being brave and strong enough to take the harder road in life and set an example for others through your actions and words. At our Student Leadership Day we were lucky enough to be able to listen to three different men who embody this idea of leadership entirely throughout their lives and all in completely different ways. Whether it be the choices and actions of Mark Donaldson which lead him to receiving the Victoria Cross, Shannon Joyce’s commitment to helping the poor in the Exodus community despite his own struggles in life, or Jack Stammer’s work in Marist Youth helping those in Melbourne. All these men conveyed to us the importance of working hard and leading not just for themselves but for those around them. Thanks to this day I believe the student leaders of Marcellin have gained a lot of insight into how we can improve and lead our school in the coming years.

Thank you to the staff who supported our young men in their endeavours. We are always privileged to work with such outstanding leaders and days such as this inspire us to continue to provide opportunities for student agency. We believe in empowering our young men to be able to make change, influence the culture of our school and continue to focus on supporting ‘the other’. We look forward to their action projects that will be developed throughout the year.