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by Assistant Principals (Students) - Tuesday, 2 April 2019, 2:44 PM

Transitioning into Marcellin can be, for some of our young men, a very exciting time. For others it can be a period of nervousness. All students agree though that that the experiences they have had and the friendships they have begun to form will continue to shape and enhance not only their time at Marcellin College but throughout their lives. The year 7 students have made an excellent start to their time at the College and as Ryan Edwards informed them at an assembly last week the feedback from staff, students and the boys themselves has been extremely positive.

As we conclude Term One it is extremely timely to hear from some of the newest members of the College about their Transition experience and what they have found exciting and the areas they have had to work through. In this edition of the Eagle, Oscar has taken the time to write about his experiences so far and in our next edition another student will also reflect on what it means to be a man of Marcellin and the experience of transition. Both students have embraced a number of aspects of College life and were very courageous in accepting the offer to write about their transition. 


I have now been at Marcellin for 9 weeks.  I have had many great experiences that I will cherish long after my Marcellin years. My highlight from term 1 was definitely Year 7 camp which was held at Lake Dewar YMCA camp.  During this camp I was able to try new things and it challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone. I slept under the stars for the first time ever, I shared a room with people I hadn’t known one month earlier, I made a raft with my team which transported us to a small island in the middle of the lake and I explored the mountains and pristine valleys around Bacchus Marsh. As I said there were many bumps along the road. One of the activities was mountain biking and the Gorge Trek. This challenged me physically. We had to ride around 10 kilometres around bends and up hills before having to trek up a steep path almost vertically for 500 metres before riding back home. When we got back I was exhausted but the views at the gorge were worth it. I also flew down an exhilarating flying fox where we flew over the landscape of the camp. At first, I was apprehensive, but after I went down the first time I was very confident and I even went down the flying fox upside down! I will remember these memories for the rest of my life.  

By now I have worked out where every room is, worked out how to adjust my homework load and I know what time I catch the bus and so forth. I have gotten into a good routine where I am organised and I think that is the main quality you need to transition smoothly because otherwise everything is very chaotic and jumbled and sometimes you have got too many things on your mind if you are disorganised. I have made lots of new friends and my friendship group is still expanding quite rapidly. I think if I can keep up my good habits and organisation routine then I will continue to thrive at Marcellin. 

I have found the transition into Marcellin quite smooth. I came from St Charles Borromeo, a small school in Templestowe with only 250 students. Now I have around 250 in my year level alone.  Four boys came with me from St Charles, including my best mate, but I am not in any of their houses or core groups. The only struggle I have had in my first weeks of transitioning, which didn’t last long, was making new friends and forming good relationships. As I said I did not know anyone in my core group at all and at to begin with I didn’t really talk to anyone in my core group outside at break times - I just stuck with people I knew. After a couple weeks I realised that I had to put myself out there more so I started to talk to other people a lot more and as I said before my friendship group has increased massively because now I know a lot more people. 

Another part of transition I have enjoyed is all of the different subjects.  Currently, I have 3 that are my favourites though I am enjoying them all. Firstly is PE as I love playing and watching any sport. If I had it my way I would be playing 10 different sports per week. I have also really been enjoying Maths as it is one of my strong subjects. I have really been enjoying the Maths Pathways program where we get to pick modules which ask us questions about different sections of maths. It has given me a goal to achieve. Finally, I enjoy science which was a rarity at my primary school. I have liked working with different types of equipment such as the Bunsen burner and the microscope. 

Over the next term and the next few years I am looking forward to playing football with my mates as a Winter sport. We have only completed one training so far but hopefully my friends and I that don’t play together for club footy can play in the same team for school and represent Marcellin together. I am also looking forward to working more with the Redden House SRC to positively impact the school. I am hoping we can work on some initiatives that make Redden a better house.  

I have enjoyed the family culture at Marcellin. I have bonded with everyone from my pastoral really well and have formed really strong relationships with people from all year levels. It is great to see how you automatically have 30 friendly faces at lunchtime that you can rely on for help. My overall impression of Marcellin has been that it is a family-orientated school that has every boys best interest in their mind. The teachers have been welcoming and all the boys and staff combined is what makes the school a great place for me and for all other students.