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by Assistant Principals (Students) - Wednesday, 1 May 2019, 9:41 AM

In the second part of our transition focus we hear from Anton another one of our new Year 7’s.  Similarly to Oscar, Anton has already taken a number of opportunities at the College and has worked hard to develop new relationships within his core groups and pastoral.  He has some great advice for prospective parents and students to the College as well interesting reflections on his for term at Marcellin.

I have now been at Marcellin for a term. I have had many great experiences that I will remember well after my school years. Some highlights from term one were year seven camp and the swimming carnival. First of all year 7 camp were an action packed few days. I was able to try new things like building a raft and setting up a tent and sleeping under the stars. I also made friends I will have for life. I shared a cabin with some people I didn’t really know and got to know them better. We trekked through the pristine valleys and mountains of Bacchus Marsh. The views were breathtaking. But first to get there we needed to cycle our way up there. The beautiful track took us up and down hills, around corners, across bridges and through the mountain side. Then we needed to trek up a very steep path to make our way to the gorge. But it was worth it. The water was crystal clear and the sound of the water rushing was calming to my ears.

Camp brought the highlight of lifting off a platform letting myself go on a 25-meter glide. The view of the gorge was breathtaking. I remember racing my friend down the zip-line and throwing myself upside down. It was a moment I won’t forget.

The swimming carnival was a fun and enjoyable day. Myself and the year 7’s from Champagnat all had events to compete in. As a group we all managed to come in the top 5 which we were proud of. After our events we headed over to the volleyball courts. Although we were eliminated in our first game we still had fun playing together. Then came novelty. All of the Year 7’s got involved. It was mayhem against all the houses. Water splashing and people screaming but we had fun, even though we didn’t win.  That wasn’t for us the main point for the boys of Champagnat it was that we were all working as a team, bonding and making our year 7 level stronger.

After the first few days at Marcellin, I had memorised all the rooms and where they were located. A good tip for new students, current students and parents is to get into a routine/habit of being organised and prepared. Organisation is key at high school as you have different classes throughout the day in different areas of the school.

I have made lots of new friends from all different schools and I have found the transition into Marcellin quite smooth. I came from St Anthony’s a small school in Alphington where I was school captain. Our school only had 250 students where I knew everyone. Now I have around 250 in my year level alone. 

Another part of transition I have enjoyed is all of the different subjects.  Currently, I have 3 that are my favourites though I am enjoying them all. Firstly I am enjoying Technology as I like letting my creativity run free. I have also been working on technology with my uncle for years and he has prepared me for Technology in year 7.  I enjoy Maths as it is one of my strong subjects. I have really been enjoying the Maths Pathways program where we get to pick modules which ask us questions about different sections of maths. It has given me a goal to achieve. Finally, Science is exciting this year as it lets you discover and learn about how science is in our everyday.

Over the year I am looking forward to leading my house as a SRC for Champagnat. I decided to run for SRC because I wanted to put others in ahead of myself, not just my year level but my house. I have enjoyed the family culture and spirit at Marcellin. I have bonded with everyone from my pastoral really well and have formed really strong friendships with people from year 7 but all other year levels. Its great how you can walk out at recess and lunch and know you have more than 1,000 friendly faces to go for help. My overall impression of Marcellin is that is a very family orientated school that has every boy included. The teachers and staff have been welcoming the students in making them feel included not the odd ones out. In general the kindness and respect everyone has for each other is what matters in the end.