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Faith Matters

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Faith Matters
by Carolyn Young - Tuesday, 7 May 2019, 3:21 PM

One of the privileges of a role such as mine is that people often share with you their own faith journeys; to hear how people are inspired by, grapple with, explore and express their faith is a gift that nourishes me to reflect on my own faith journey. As we enter the month traditionally associated with Mary, Mother of God and, as Marists so often refer to her, `our good mother’, I have been reflecting on thoughts shared about Mary’s example by many members of various Marist communities. Sometimes we can find it difficult to imagine ourselves as having too much in common with Mary, Mother of God, but when we think of her as Mary of Nazareth, wife of Joseph, mother of a boy and a person of faith, it becomes easier to identify with her. This Mary faced many challenges that we, too, face, including the need for patience with our family members and uncertainty about what God is asking of us.

As Marists, we are called to follow Jesus `in the way of Mary’ – humbly, with determination, compassion and courage; to `do good quietly’ with others at the centre of our service. It’s this idea of Mary that has always made it seem logical to me that we particularly celebrate Mary during the same month that we celebrate Mother’s Day. These characteristics of Mary are the very ones that our mothers so often practice. As we live the month of May, may we give thanks for our mothers and pray for their continued good health and generosity. May we also ask Mary, our Good Mother, to pray for us, that we may follow her example of courage, faith and service.