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SRC Executive Team
by Adriano Di Prato - Thursday, 20 June 2019, 10:17 AM

In 2019, the SRC Executive team set our leadership goals into action by establishing four action groups being for environmental action, academic integrity, call it out and respect for staff. With the basis set by the College Captains - Jonathan, Luca and myself, through our work over the summer break and at our various gatherings, as well as the SRC Leadership day held in March, our goals began to take shape. The focus has been set on shifting the strength of our co-curricular programs and College social culture into the academic side of life, while highlighting the importance of the Marist characteristic simplicity, for the modern world. 

Via our fortnightly Executive meetings, with all ten House Captains, three College Captains and our fantastic Assistant Principal (Students) 10-12, Ms. Mackellin, we have been able to establish our action teams and track their progress, assess our House’s social justice work and how they are improving Family Spirit, as well as collaborate on additional works which we have taken upon ourselves. As a team, our strength lies in how we are able to rely on each other, as well as delegating to achieve our targets effectively and efficiently in the busyness of our final year at Marcellin. 

The action teams have been using their own time to work on their targets and developing their own legacies within the College, whilst improving the College. The environmental action team have been working diligently alongside the school cleaners to try and make the school are more environmentally friendly place by means of educating the students about the effects of litter on the environment. The academic integrity team have been working alongside staff members to try and get a gauge about the positive aspects of Marcellin’s academic culture and the areas of improvement and trying to fix these problems with the help of the staff. The calling it out group are working with the Assistant Principal (Students) 7-9, Ms Pyle, to try and educate the younger students about how to stick up for their mates and address sexist and derogatory behaviour toward women. Assemblies will be run early in Term 3 to educate the students on the effects of discriminatory behaviour on the victims and how to prevent this behaviour in the first place. The respecting staff team have been working alongside staff members to try and foster good and healthy relationships with teachers and to eradicate negative behaviour towards teachers. With the great help of staff members, the team is trying to engender an understanding about why teachers do their jobs, and their roles, in order to prevent poor relationships between staff and students.

Overall, the start to the 2019 academic year has been positive for the SRC Executive team. With the help of Ms Mackellin and the collaboration between all thirteen boys, school improvements are being discerned and the positives are being praised.

Caleb Ostwald

College Captain