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by Carolyn Young - Wednesday, 19 June 2019, 3:38 PM


Acting Assistant Principal (Mission)    

For the last 4 weeks I have had the privilege of standing in the role of Assistant Principal (Mission) here at Marcellin College. I have participated in significant events such as Champagnat Day on 6 June, the regular celebration of Mass each Thursday, the Year 12 Formal, being involved in the selection process of the St Marcellin Champagnat Award which sponsors three Old Collegians to participate in the Three2Six program in South Africa, working on professional development with staff on our own faith formation and prayer and many more moments in the life of a busy Village on a Hill in Bulleen.

Imagine Saint Marcellin’s Hall, full of 1700 students and staff seated for a Mass with a magnificent choir, students leading Psalms in song and a whole school rendition of power of your love?  Followed by a one-hour assembly celebrating efforts of solidarity and a chance to hear Br Harry Prout speak about those less fortunate then us and how we as a school community help. Our community is blessed to provide our students with many opportunities to put their faith into practice. The reverence and tone of both the Mass on Champagnat Day and the following Thursday Masses I attended are a testament to the respect our students have for Eucharist. The patience and respect that was displayed to our speakers and the overwhelming feedback some of our student speakers received following the Champagnat Day assembly, is also a measure that many indeed listened. 

We are an inclusive faith community here at Marcellin College and we have the advantage of fostering the characteristics of the Marist charism as our guide. The values of Presence, Simplicity, Love of Work, Family Spirit and In the way of Mary are fitting values for a College whose focus is to nurture our students as they grow from boys to fine young men. But characteristics are not words written on paper, they are the living examples of our role models. 

I acknowledge the fine example of our staff in living these values each day as they go about their work in the College. I have seen teachers stepping out of their comfort zone to lead prayer, do a myriad of tasks with students to demonstrate learning and growing, stepping in to support other staff in need, mentoring our students and coaching our older students who are indeed also role models for our younger students. Our administration, maintenance and learning support staff who often work thanklessly behind the scenes to make things happen are true Marists.

Pope Francis acknowledges that the primary source of passing on our faith in Jesus is in the family. Our parents continue to do a wonderful job in supporting this College nurture our faith community. We work in partnership with parents and guardians in our pastoral care of the young men of Marcellin College. The family spirit that exists here at Marcellin College is due to the support and faith of our loving parents and guardians. 

We live in a time of significant change and in the spirit of faith and cooperation I am excited for the future of our learning environment here at Marcellin College. The movement towards new learning models will enrich our school environment in faith, learning and growth. I know Saint Marcellin would be very proud of Marcellin College, Bulleen. I have been privileged to witness over the last four weeks moments of compassion, care and learnings of students, teachers and parents. I am especially excited for the future of our community as we embark on a new direction in learning with our original Polaris framework.

Jamie McIIroy

Acting Assistant Principal (Faith & Mission)