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My Message to the Class of 2019

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My Message to the Class of 2019
by Adriano Di Prato - Sunday, 6 October 2019, 10:29 PM

“Stand for something. Make your life mean something. Start where you are with what you have. You are enough.” ― Germany Kent

Listen to the words above. Really listen. This invitation is about finding what we need, the necessary inspiration, the awareness, the courage and the commitment to live an abundant life. This invitation is ultimately calling for a conscious intimacy of self.

“At the heart of intimacy is self-disclosure.” ~ John R. Buri. Listen to this invitation of self-disclosure as it is most inspiring. It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know their own beauty or perceive a sense of their own worth until they are prepared to look within. You have a responsibility to become the individual you are at the deepest level of your being.

Listen to your own awareness. Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone else’s inability to see your worth. You determine your truth.

Listen to the courage to dare to be yourself. You cultivate a commitment to honouring your truth when you allow your most vulnerable and powerful self to be deeply seen and known. This heightened level of consciousness ensures an awareness of self that creates your life meaning and your life story. You have to have the courage to becoming self.

Listen to the words deep within. Commit to making your life the best, for yourself, those you love and those who love you. Only then can you ask how you can co-create meaning together, in an indifferent world. Remembering that only those who truly feel the discomfort and challenge of these times will lead meaningful change.

On the 17 May 2009 President Barack Obama delivered a commencement address to the graduation class and stated, “Your class has come of age at a moment of great consequence for our nation and our world - a rare inflection point in history where size and scope of the challenge before us require that we remake our world to renew its promise; that we align our deepest values and commitments to the demands of our new age. It is a privilege and a responsibility afforded few generations - a task you are now called to fulfil”. This challenge to all present is one we should encourage all young people in our care to aspire to, a selflessness for the other. So finally listen to our collective story. The narrative we tell together is far more profound than the one you share alone. A world where self and the other co-exist in harmony. A world where love, compassion and joy win. A world that simply needs your truth to change.

Life is often an endless process of self-actualisation. And our longest journey remains the journey inward. This requires a conscious connectedness with our truth and our compassion for the other - people and nature. For us to continue to evolve we need to be conscious in our relationship and communion with self, God, place and the other.

Our collective future is in our hands, through our collective capacity to be advocates for the voiceless and oppressed. May you use this moment to awaken the light within you. Be gentle with what you discover through encounter. Be true to this calling to serve the other. Become beacons of light for those encountering much darkness and despair.

We are then called to be streams of living water in a world that is often succumbed to drought – faithless and hope-less. The human is restless and dynamic, but oriented toward the mystery of life and therefore being open to self through the other is a reality.

I will leave you with the African philosophy of Ubuntu, the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity, as a profound example of becoming - “I am what I am because of who we all are”. Through the power of relationships we construct who we are as humans. Relationships with our self, God, place and the other.

The Class of 2019 will always be welcome at Marcellin. The beautiful path is not a place outside of yourself gentlemen, but rather a place you carry with you everywhere you go. Find the magic that is in your heart and allow it to breath. You decide your remarkable story. Listen to your truth. Know you are enough. Aspire to be more. Go in peace.