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2020 Junior School Captain Profiles

Picture of Adriano Di Prato
2020 Junior School Captain Profiles
by Adriano Di Prato - Monday, 21 October 2019, 10:30 AM

Junior School Captain | Takudzwa Chitima

Takudzwa has been a member of the Marcellin community since 2018. Takudzwa came from Holy Trinity Eltham North. Commencing at Marcellin was an exciting journey for Takudzwa as he looked forward too many opportunities, adventures and challenges provided by the College.

During his first year at Marcellin, Takudzwa immersed himself in life at Marcellin. He enjoyed his academic journey starting new subjects like Indonesian, Chinese and strings classes which he thoroughly enjoyed. He participated in music ensemble and Year 7 String Honours playing the violin. Takudzwa also participated in the sport programs, playing football for one of the year 7 A teams and Year 8 basketball A team. Takudzwa was also SRC member for Mannes house.

In Year 8, Takudzwa continued taking every opportunity offered to him by Marcellin College. He continued playing sport, was in the one of the Year 8 A teams and was part of the junior’s boys’ champions cup basketball team that recently won the state title. Takudzwa loved the violin so he started undertaking violin lessons and is part of the intermediate strings group.

In 2020 Takudzwa will be studying Accelerated Mathematics, English Literature, Fitness challenge and conditioning, Indonesian and Photography.

Outside Marcellin, Takudzwa plays basketball for Eltham Wildcats, football for Eltham Panthers, participates in Lorne nippers, SRC program and is a Life Saver. Takudzwa’s hobbies include reading, skateboarding, playing video games and bike riding.

Takudzwa’s character strengths include teamwork, humor, curiosity, fairness and zest. Takudzwa is passionate about making a difference which is why he applied for Junior school captain, with support from his pastoral Mannes 05 and House Leader Mr Bellis. Takudzwa’s vision for Marcellin is to create a friendly and fair environment that’s inclusive of students, staff, parents and the larger community. With help from Connor Whyte and Logan Wells, Takudzwa believes that they can make a difference throughout the school and is thrilled for what is in store next year.


Junior School Vice-Captain | Logan Wells

Logan entered Marcellin college in 2018 coming from a very small school called St Bridget’s. However, he was lucky enough to know many other kids coming to Marcellin in his year level which helped him transition to high school very well.

In his time at Marcellin Logan has been involved in many different co-curricular activities that the school has to offer. These include Year 7, Intermediate and Senior Band, First XI Hockey, AGSV Cricket, Athletics, different enrichment programs and Faulkner House SRC in Year 7 and 8. Along with these he has participated in the Big Maths Competition in Year 7 and 8 and the Big Science competition in Year 7. Logan was awarded Achievement Colours for Hockey at the end of the winter sports season in 2019 for his effort and commitment during the past two seasons.

Logan has always thought of himself as a leader and believes that even if you don’t have a leadership position you can still set an example for others by your actions and how you handle different situations. He believes he can bring many different qualities to the role of Junior School Vice-Captain and wants to help others know that they have a voice in the College even if they are in Year 7 and might be scared to speak out. Logan has looked up too many leaders both at Marcellin and out in the world and has tried to learn and incorporate what has helped them to be successful as a leader into his daily life and how he approaches leadership opportunities.

Logan is looking forward to next year with more student-based learning and being able to focus on subjects he is good at and enjoys. He is ready for the challenge being Junior School Vice-Captain brings and is ready to continue taking every opportunity that comes his way.

Junior School Vice-Captain | Conor Whyte

Connor entered Marcellin from Templestowe Park Primary school. The first day was daunting for him and he felt like he didn’t belong, just a number in this giant school, but quickly learnt that he could influence his school and make himself known.

During his short stint at Marcellin, Connor has immersed himself in many co-curricular activities such as year 7 and 8 Ensembles and Bands, AGSV Cross Country and Basketball, an SRC position in Year 7, and participation in Enrichment programs. His hard work was acknowledged in 2018 with the House Spirit Award.

Caleb Ostwald’s speech at the start of the year was what spurred Connor towards leadership. His open vulnerability was a feature that inspired Connor to be great, just like him. To be able to go out and speak openly to all your peers is something that inspires Connor and continues to drive him towards being a better leader in everyday life – in the classroom or outside of it in other sporting endeavours; Connor has played basketball all his life and played for the Bulleen Boomers since he was 10.

With the introduction of Polaris and more freedom in choosing ones learning, Connor is looking forward to navigating through it himself but also helping his peers get through it. As a huge fan of the NBA, Connor knows the best players lead by example, and he hopes to spur his peers on through hard work and dedication. He also wishes to carry this relatability and easiness to talk through for any year level and is completely open and happy to chat about anything. He hopes that with Takudzwa and Logan, they can make Marcellin even better than it already is.