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2020 College Captain | Profiles

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2020 College Captain | Profiles
by Adriano Di Prato - Monday, 14 October 2019, 3:00 PM

College Captain | Giacomo Carbone

Giacomo came to Marcellin as a year 7 in 2015 as a previous student from St. John’s Heidelberg.

While being a member of the Marcellin community, Giacomo has been a member of the Student Representative Council as well as Remar. Actively participating in social justice and activities. Furthermore, Giacomo has contributed to the College through Open Days, transition days, has travelled to Mt Gambier for the Generations in Jazz music festival, extended academic programs and recently travelled to Bourke for an immersion with the Remar Program. Throughout his years, Giacomo has been a part of the DAV Debating and AGSV Soccer teams, been in a large number of bands, as well as had his artwork in the Archbishop’s annual Visual Arts exhibition. He has grown up surrounded by music and art, leading him to be highly appreciative of life’s beauty; enabling him to see all that is extraordinary in the world and the people in it.

Giacomo’s past experiences as a leader have enhanced his drive for bringing out the best in people. He hopes, through his role in 2020 “to continue and build on the legacy set by our past leaders, while enriching and building on our culture, paving the way for leaders to come.”

Next year, Giacomo looks forward to working with Harrison and Patrick in contributing to the life of the school. He aspires to show the young men at Marcellin that they are unique and powerful, so that they can see their own potential to strive for the highest.

College Vice Captain | Harrison Free

Harrison has been a member of the Marcellin community since Year 7, 2015, after graduating from Our Lady of Good Counsel primary school in Deepdene.

During his time at the College he has participated in many co-curricular and curricular activities. He has represented the College in AGSV First XI Cricket and AGSV First XVIII Football as well as being part of the 2017 intermediate Herald-Sun Shield and the Marist Cricket Carnival in 2017 and 2018. He was involved in numerous Open Days as well as being part of the Intermediate Music Ensemble. Harrison has also played football with Old Marcellin. Harrison played junior football and cricket at Kew Rovers and Deepdene Bears respectively. He has also coached at Kew Rovers Football club. Harrisons favourite thing about playing sport is the sense of being part of a team. Harrison will forever be grateful for the many rich and fulfilling opportunities that Marcellin provides.

Harrison’s experiences and the people around him have inspired him to take a risk and fulfil the role of College Vice-Captain at Marcellin College in 2020. Being an active member of the community as well as holding various leadership roles Harrison has been able to view the power of the Marist characteristics, this coupled with servant leadership will help us all achieve our potential. This leads on to Harrison’s vision for the year 2020 and the legacy he hopes and to leave and will strive for. It is his belief and goal that every person at Marcellin, teachers, students, cleaners, groundskeepers and parents feel like they are loved and leave the gates feeling happy and fulfilled that they go to Marcellin.

Harrison strives for equality, you shouldn’t treat someone different because of there age, gender, race, sexuality or religious beliefs. In this Harrison has developed a strong sense of social justice and is taking a stand through actions, as well as calling out discriminative behaviours.

Harrison is looking forward to working with Giacomo and Patrick throughout the year of 2020 and is looking forward to having a hand in providing an environment where people are free to be themselves, where discrimination gets called out and where people are comfortable being vulnerable stating, “Being vulnerable for me is being stripped back to who you really are, being proud of who you are and your beliefs. Being vulnerable allows a person to unlock their full potential. To combine this with servant leadership, calling it out, everyone being treated equally, and the Marist characteristics, I believe that 2020 can be another great year for the college, a year where everyone feels appreciated loved and respected.”


College Vice Captain | Patrick Lavery

Patrick Lavery has attended Marcellin College since Year 7, 2015, after graduating from Mary Immaculate Primary school in Ivanhoe.

During his time at Marcellin, Patrick has been a four-time member of the SRC and has represented the College in AGSV Cross Country, Basketball, Athletics and Football. He has been active participant in the academic extension program, the La Trobe University Moot Court program, Transition and Open Days, the Ambassadors program, has travelled to Mt Gambier for the Generations in Jazz music festival, and recently travelled to Bourke for an immersion with the Remar Program. He was fortunate enough to win the ANZAC award for leadership in 2018, and is currently in the Remar program and plays in five music ensembles within the Music Program.

Through experiences such as working with the Student Representative Council and working in Bourke, Patrick has realised that Leadership is about working with others to become the best version of themselves and showing their faith through action. “A leader should always work for the betterment of others before themselves and be the embodiment of what they believe”.

Patrick hopes to set an example in 2020 of active participation, as he believes that participation is an important part of the experience of any person at Marcellin College. He hopes to be a leader that works to help others and is trusted by the entire school community to have their best interests at heart. “The six years that students have at Marcellin College should be a time of experimentation, and active efforts to become the best version of yourself that you possibly can be. The wide range of experiences on offer at Marcellin are an asset that should be recognised by as many people as possible, as the experiences gained from participation, success and failure will accelerate the development of any person faster than almost anything else”.