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Tribute to Mark Murphy

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Tribute to Mark Murphy
by Adriano Di Prato - Monday, 25 November 2019, 11:21 AM

“Transformational leaders don’t start by denying the world around them. Instead, they describe a future they’d like to create instead.” ~ Seth Godin


Gratitude | Mark Murphy

As you are all aware Mark Murphy will be concluding his time at Marcellin College at the end of 2019 to take up a new Principal position at another Catholic secondary school.

I have been very fortunate to work alongside an educational leader of Mark’s calibre for the past 11 years. And we, as an inclusive faith learning community have all benefited greatly from Mark’s example of faith leadership and deep generosity for the other.

There is much to be celebrated across the past 11 years under Mark’s leadership, that has been marked by his unrivaled trust and faith in our staff, especially that of the Executive and Leadership teams, allowing each of us to contribute fully to the life of the College.

Mark has been a most present Principal, supporting the work of all our staff and the active participation and achievement of our young man, often seen at most evening events and Saturday sport fixtures. He has given much of his time, because when he is present it is an affirmation of the work of our staff, our parents and the commitment of each young man to be better than they were yesterday.

Under Mark’s Principalship the College has seen record enrolment growth, record student retention from Year 9 to Year 12, the strongest financial stewardship in our 69-year history and a significant growth in the broad range of ministry, academic, cultural immersions, sporting and arts opportunities ever witnessed in our community.

When I reflect on the professional relationship I have forged with Mark over the years, one that remains the envy of most leaders in Catholic education across Victoria, I remember receiving a card from Mark in October 2015, showing his appreciation for my commitment to our faith learning community. It was unexpected and unnecessary, but most appreciative. This is an example of what best articulates the significant value of a leader like Mark Murphy – a man that believes in people, as he believes we all matter. Some people have no comprehension of how generous he is as person and as a leader. Mark is an educational leader that operates from the deep construct of love and permission, backing in his team, believing in their capacity and empowering each member to co-produce our community, in support of each young man and their families in our care.

Our inclusive faith learning community has a very bright future. There is a renewed energy and verve around the place. Lots of things are aligning under our new learning ecosystem, Polaris – especially through yet another growth in enrolment interest from 2021 and unprecedented numbers of prospective teaching staff applications. Most of this is due to Mark’s thoughtful leadership. He is inclusive, respectful and compassionate.  Each of us, and especially our young men and their families have been fortunate to have a man of his depth and character serving our Catholic community.

Marcellin College have been guided by a strong faith leader with an exceptional understanding of what it means to be Marist. Mark’s strong, personal faith in the Holy Spirit has supported him to, in the way of Mary, bring Christ’s love to birth for each young man, staff, families and extended community. His ability to ensure that others know they are loved has strengthened the family spirit of the Bulleen community and set an example of extraordinary discipleship for all who serve.

My personal growth as an educational leader is due largely to Mark having given me permission to implement much needed change and growth for our community. I am forever grateful for his faith in me and in support of the mission of Saint Marcellin Champagnat. For our community has been witness to what it means to lead with love, courage, compassion and conviction through Mark’s example. May you have in your heart forever, Virtute Ad Altissima. Thank you, Mark.