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Staff Marist Award

Picture of Adriano Di Prato
Staff Marist Award
by Adriano Di Prato - Thursday, 5 December 2019, 8:09 AM

The 2019 Marist Staff Award celebrates all staff at Marcellin College and each year we celebrate one staff member who we feel is the most appropriate recipient in the calendar year. We invite staff, students and parents to nominate a staff member and then the three College Captains and three Junior School Captains come together to discern the final award recipient, based on the nominations of who exemplifies the five Marist characteristics of Love of Work, Presence, Simplicity, Family Spirit and In the Way of Mary.  

This year the Student Leadership Council would like to recognise two staff in the area of honourable mention. For her exceptional subject knowledge and skill, and her genuine care of her students, the SRC have recognised Tania Castauro. And the final honourable mention is awarded to Ivan Ivas for his personal approach to assisting students in achieving their personal best. Please join me in acknowledging these staff.
This year’s Staff Marist Award recipient received seven nominations, from both parents and students, each strongly highlighting her ability to engage with the Marcellin community in a short period of time. The 2019 recipient is Sarah Carmody.

There were many detailed responses explaining why Ms Carmody was chosen for this award. Here are some of the comments from the students and parents who chose to recognise her commitment to Marcellin.
For Love of Work: She goes above and beyond and shows commitment to her work in her actions both in and out of the classroom. She dedicates endless work and time outside of class to improving our education. Ms Carmody shows up to class prepared and organised, ready to teach us and cares about everyone in and outside of the class. She knows her content and is an exceptional teacher.
For in the Way of Mary: Ms Carmody is kind, considerate and caring, as well as, respectful and she shows her personality in class. She has made our classes something I look forward to everyday. She has been the best math teacher through my schooling. She wants the best for each of us and was patient and helpful at all times.
For Family Spirit: Ms Carmody excels in family spirit. She creates a true sense of togetherness within her classroom. She relates to all students and uses that to her advantage in teaching. She is funny, engaging and connects with each of us. She cares about all of us, even taking the time to email students on their birthdays on the weekend.
For Simplicity: Ms Carmody is genuine in her work. She honestly believes in all of her students. She is straightforward in that she knows what a student needs to do to reach their potential and tells them that directly. She takes into consideration the whole classes dynamic of different levels, abilities and helps where it's needed.
For Presence: She showed great care and compassion when students worked through challenges in their lives. Her warm and genuine nature makes you feel as though everything will be achievable. We can have a laugh with her and she has a positive attitude towards all our classes, always having a bright smile on her face when her students walk through the door.