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AGSV Centenary Summer Celebrations

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AGSV Centenary Summer Celebrations
by Ben Reynolds - Monday, 3 February 2020, 8:23 PM

This weeks round of the AGSV 2019/20 Summer Season has been designated as a ‘Centenary Round’, as we acknowledge and celebrate 100 years of AGSV sport.

The Centenary of the AGSV provides us all with an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful sporting competition which has given generations of students memorable sporting experiences. Some of our most vivid memories of school are often about sport: from the friendships formed on the bus, to the exhilaration of celebrating a hard fought win with your team and schoolmates. As research has shown, involvement in sport is closely linked with academic performance; it promotes teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship and results in success that comes with hard work and persistence. It also helps us gain perspective on the wins and losses of life. Children and adolescents who play sport are much more likely to continue to enjoy sport as adults and as a result, reap many health benefits.

100 years ago in 1920, 8 Boys schools established the AGSV. The Association has been through many transformations, including the increase in the number of sports on offer and the introduction of girl’s competition. Now in 2020, our Centenary Year, the AGSV proudly continues to offer and promote a strong sporting culture within its nine member schools.

1st Basketball, Cricket, Tennis and Volleyball will play in AGSV Centenary socks for their mid week matches to highlight celebrations. 1st Cricket and Tennis play on Thursday and 1st Basketball and Volleyball play on Friday. All teams will have an AGSV medal awarded to a Marcellin player who best epitomizes the spirit of AGSV and Marcellin sport.

Good luck to all players who are lucky to be part of this momentous occasion – the 100th birthday year of the AGSV.