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Staff Professional Learning
by Jill Fitzsimons - Monday, 10 February 2020, 1:31 PM

Marcellin is committed to developing a professional culture focussed on excellence and inclusion, that is evidence-informed, collaborative and engaging, and most of all - influential. So, to achieve this, it's important that we construct a diverse and multi-pronged professional learning program to best meet the needs of staff who fulfil a rich array of roles in the College.

One of the early highlights of our professional learning program was the highly enjoyable and influential work staff completed with leading psychologist, Andrew Fuller. Andrew is a popular presenter and it was terrific to have him on board to help set the mood and stage for 2020, especially when the mercury crept over 40 degrees! Andrew focussed on brain-based teaching and learning and the role it plays in successful learning and emotional wellbeing, particularly in boys. Andrew also focussed on the features of resilient mindsets and strategies for maintaining a resilient mindset, as opposed to an avoidant or anxious mindset.

We were also delighted to welcome Professor John Munro back to the College. John continued his work with the Depth Stage literacy intervention team to refine curriculum and fine-tune practice. John has also promised to teach one of our classes to demonstrate best-practice. We’re excited about this! This class will be filmed to provide staff with an exemplar of what highly reliable literacy teaching practice looks like.

Our new Learning Mentors also spent a morning working with Professor Munro examining strategies they can employ with Depth Stage students to help foster their self-regulation and develop their self–efficacy. Further to this, Learning Mentors worked with Veronica Baum and Janette Clark from Catholic Education Melbourne to identify key factors which contribute to teenagers’ sense of safety, connectedness and resilience.

Senior and middle leaders worked with Dr Tim O'Leary to develop their data literacy. Improved data literacy ensures we ask the right questions about the impact of our programmes and make evidence-informed plans about where to next. Tim completed his PhD in Education under the guidance of Professor John Hattie and Professor Patrick Griffin and his ability to make data easily accessible has been a blessing to staff. Staff are currently examining NAPLAN, VCE and internal assessment data, as well as data on student attendance and learning dispositions. Our Pathways and Depth Stage students will use this data, in consultation with pastoral staff and Learning Mentors to set specific learning goals.

Finally, this week a selection of our Program Leaders, House Leaders and Learning Leaders began our new leadership program: Marcellin Staff Leadership for Faith, Learning and Life.  We are proud of this initiative. It's involved a lot of hard work, but we believe this career-staged program will have a significant impact on our leaders and their formation. This program has been created in partnership with Circle Education – The Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity & Leadership in Education. This year's program focuses on middle leaders and is designed to build their expertise in leading teams in a Catholic learning community.