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VCE 2019 DUX recipient Stephen Catsamas

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VCE 2019 DUX recipient Stephen Catsamas
by Ben Bugeja - Monday, 10 February 2020, 3:03 PM

Good Morning teachers, students and guests

I come to speak today to the Marcellin community at the conclusion of six years since I was welcomed into it. These six years have included incredible opportunities and experiences and I can only conclude that it was because of the insight and hard work of the Marcellin community that I was able to participate and be enriched by these experiences to such an extent. I therefore feel it is appropriate and necessary to recognise and give thanks for this generosity. I realise, of course, that this support has stemmed from many in this community and any attempt at acknowledgement here would at best be incomplete. And so, I hope to be able to deliver a few words which are representative and symbolic of the message I wish to convey.

To my family, I thank you for your unwavering commitment to my education and development, and for inspiring in me a love of learning. Your love and the provision of a calm and steadfast home environment in which I am able to explore my interests is, on reflection, the most valuable asset I have received.

To my pastoral leader Mr Getson, your concern and interest in the lives of each of the students created an atmosphere of mateship amongst us. The pastoral Super Quiz was something I always looked forward to. I also appreciated the occasional piece of wisdom from the older students in pastoral and hopefully, in turn, my fellow classmates and I were able to pass on some helpful advice to the new students.

To my teachers over the years - your guidance, encouragement and dedication has been invaluable both in the classroom and in co-curricular and extension activities.

To my Year 12 teachers, thank you for guiding us through our final year.  Mr Wickramasinghe, your calm and patient approach to teaching Specialist Maths is something which I have been fortunate to experience. Your encouragement of all the boys to embody the Marcellin motto of Striving for the Highest was a welcome boost during the busy SAC times of the year. Your willingness to go the extra mile for our learning was also much appreciated, and I’m sure quite apparent in all the revision printouts we received. To Mr Doolan, your relaxed approach to teaching English Language was well-suited to developing our independent learning skills while still being there when needed to go over our drafts and assisting us with plenty of unique language samples. I’d also just like to make a formal apology for subjecting you to my handwriting, which I can now assure you is being worked on. And to Mr Viola, the atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration you created in our Chemistry class was always one to look forward to and this assisted us greatly in focusing on our studies. I’m sure our class will agree PV = RT.

To the Class of 2019, you are a diverse bunch, and I will remember this most because it has made the times we have had as a cohort very interesting. We accomplished much, and as we all leave the College and go our own ways, I hope that we will not forget the relationships and personal connections we formed here.

And now, it comes to that time where I am to give some form of advice to the Class of 2020 and beyond. As each school day goes by, it may seem that any one of them may be irrelevant in the broader picture- there are so many after all.  But instead I encourage you, if to do nothing else, to reflect on what you hope to achieve and to make each day count towards this. Even actions and tasks that at times seem insignificant or irrelevant have a way of contributing towards your personal aspirations. And remember that the measure of your success is that which you personally wish to achieve, even if it is a path less travelled by.

Today is an assembly which recognises the academic achievements of the College. It is a celebration of the hard work and dedication which each of these young men has placed in their studies and they are awarded with plaques and certificates as a token of this. However in the coming days and weeks, as those certificates have completed their rounds on the kitchen fridge, it is valuable to remember that our time at Marcellin has not only focused on lessons academic in nature but also lessons about friendship, commitment and integrity. And I truly hope it is these lessons that I remember into the future.

Thank you.