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Staff Professional Learning - Workshops

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Staff Professional Learning - Workshops
by Jill Fitzsimons - Wednesday, 11 March 2020, 11:47 AM

One of the biggest jobs in my role is the creation of the Staff Professional Learning workshop schedule for each term. As you can imagine, in a big, busy organisation like Marcellin College, it’s no easy task. Being a Richmond Football Club fan actually helps with the role because I’m used to the idea that there needs to be a number of iterations of the game plan, lots of consultation with key stakeholders and a growth mindset to cope with the inevitable rocks in the road that come with making changes, just when you thought you had everything locked in and ready to go.

This week I’ll be releasing the Term 2 schedule to staff, so I thought it would be interesting to share some of the behind-the-scenes architecture and planning that goes into making this happen. After all, often the most powerful professional learning taking place at Marcellin is the joint work we do in our teams and the details of this professional learning don’t often make the newsletter, even though its impact is great.

Marcellin’s teams meet at a range of times, often before or after-school. This is because the complexities of the timetable make it very difficult to schedule meeting times for the full complement of any team, even though providing time within the day would be ideal. Our staff are often in a range of teams too. Some are permanent teams for the semester or year, while others might be more finite, due to the purpose of the team.

When I prepare the schedule, I need to take into consideration which afternoon a meeting will fall on to ensure I accommodate the needs of our part-time staff or staff with co-curricular coaching responsibilities, as well as the College calendar. Sometimes staff are at the College until quite late for College events, so it’s important that the schedule isn’t too onerous in big weeks.

Each term’s schedule is different, but the following tables provide an overview of the planning principles which underpin each term’s structure:



*Course team meetings are not listed on the PL schedule. If these occur outside of department meetings, these are negotiated by the individual teams.

It is expected that teams will meet at least twice per term within a department meeting and/or before or after school for moderation, discussion and planning.