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Winter Sport Logitics

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Winter Sport Logitics
by Ben Reynolds - Monday, 16 March 2020, 2:09 PM

As of March 16, Winter Sport will start for all teams in term two. This may change due to the Colleges response to COVID 19 but I wanted  to share all logistical information with our community to help with planning.

Each individual team coach will be in touch will all players well prior to the season commencing. They will confirm training nights and pre season expectations. Families are encouraged to speak to Year level coaches or TICs if they have questions.

The first round of Cross Country will be on Friday April 17th with Marcellin hosting a twilight event at the college. The 1st XVIII will play their first game on Saturday April 18th at Mentone Grammar. 1st Hockey will play Ivanhoe in round one on Thursday April  30th as part of the AGSV Centenary round and the 1st XV Rugby team will be commencing their season against St Kevins on Saturday May 2nd .

On this day all other non first teams will commence their season also.  

Draft Fixtures

Draft fixtures for all teams can be found on the Sport News section of MyMarcellin. Families are encouraged to views these now to start to plan for the upcoming season. These fixtures will be confirmed in the Eagle prior to a round of sport. Further Information

Training Timetables

Training for all non 1st teams will commence soon. Information about training will be share with students via an email from their Teacher in Charge or direct coach. Training timetables can be located on the Sport News section of MyMarcellin. Boys who are injured are encouraged to still remain part of the team and attend training and games. Students are asked to discuss with their coach what role they can undertake. Further Information

Team Coaches 

Each sport has a Teacher in Charge and each team has a Marcellin coach. Students are requested to communicate directly with team coaches. Further information 

AGSV Your Sport APP

All AGSV fixture information can be found via the Your Sport APP. This comes in both android and ios versions. Search ‘Your Sport” at your App store.  

Team Sheets

Each team will have their team sheet posted by their coach via their MyMarcellin page. Families are encouraged to check the Team Selection area.

Memorandum of Understanding

Both AFL Victoria (Aust Rules) and Football Victoria (Soccer) have a Memorandum of Understanding in place with the AGSV that supports your sons involvement in school sport. Both organisations endorse full participation of boys in all Marcellin sport. Further information  

Bus Transport

Bus transport will be provided to games at the following locations. All Assumption, Mentone, PEGS, Peninsula, Ivanhoe games at Plenty and Volleyball games.

All AGSV ground locations can be accessed via the AGSV webpage. Each MyMarcellin sport page has a link. 

AGSV Venues

The AGSV website has done a wonderful job to provide information about all sporting venues. Families are encouraged to use this resource in their planning. A direct link can also be found via each individual sport page. Further Information

First Aid

The AGSV has All schools are have well documented first aid policy. Each Marcellin staff member who coaches a team is required to have a Level One first aid certificate. Phoenix First Aid has been once again contracted to provide first aid at all Marcellin venues. They can be located at three separate venues each Saturday. There locations are

·       At the main scoreboard on the Bray Oval

·       On the seating on the driveway side of the Lyons Oval.

·       Located behind the goals of the main Gartner Soccer fields.

Each AGSV school has their own First Aid at each of their venues. They can be located here.

Standard of Behaviour

The AGSV has a fantastic stance on the behaviour of all people that participate in AGSV sport. They have put these standards together for all to see.

The Heads of the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria (AGSV) welcome the many opportunities available to their students to take part in inter-school competitive sport. It is their aim to make the games enjoyable in terms of athletic achievement and friendly rivalry.

Further Information

Concussion Policy

Winter Sport sees a lot more sees a lot more collision injuries due to the nature of the sports played. Marcellin, the AGSV and VRSU has a very strong stance on concussion injuries with the long term welfare of the player utmost priority. The policy that all Marcellin teams follows can be seen here.