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Diary Of The Home Learning Program

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Diary Of The Home Learning Program
by Assistant Principal of Students, Melissa Mackellin - Thursday, 23 April 2020, 2:39 PM

This week our Junior School Captain Takudzwa Chitima has looked at his first 3 days of the Home Learning program, recorded his ideas and offers some advice to all our students on how to succeed and some of the pitfalls.

Diary Of The Home Learning Program

Takudzwa Chitima

Last week we entered a new chapter of our lives as we began home learning or working from home. Through just three days I’ve learnt to understand and to get the most out of this situation and this position may not be as bad as we thought.  

The First day of home learning was very complicated as I was still wondering where I will work and how will I work. At first, it took some experimenting but eventually I solved the problem and found a position by the window in the study. For anyone working from home, I think it is a must to sit somewhere near sunlight. Don’t sit alone in a dark space as I have found that quite bleak.  Since you will be sitting there for 4 to 5 hours it makes it more tempting to click the open new tab button. However, when sitting next to sunlight I become more focused and during break time I tended to want to go for a walk or play table tennis with my family. This helps me release energy and I became more focused and motivated during class. Classes are 40 minutes, so it's designed for us to put in a short but a hard effort and then take a long break. As school ends you find yourself with a lot of free time. I spent my time delivering papers.  I recently resumed paper delivery to earn some sweet money and to get outside of the house. After I studied and I then spent the rest of the night watching TV shows and went to bed at 10:30. Not bad right?  

On the second day you realise that first day is always packed with excitement but like normal school days, the excitement fades as you realise you didn’t do one or two assignments in the holidays and they are due at the end of the week. Don’t be that guy. In all seriousness on the second-day reality kicks in and I realised I had a horrible routine that day. I woke up in the morning and didn’t go for a run which made me full of unnecessary energy all day. I also skipped breakfast which is CRUCIAL and I began my day with an empty stomach, instant coffee to the left and my mouse to the right. To some, not having breakfast may not be an issue but to the majority it makes you eat small amounts of food over long periods which leads to over-eating. This meant I spent a lot of time in the pantry eating way  through more crackers than I was supposed to. Come Lunchtime I ate a sandwich, went outside for a bit then talked to my friends. Unlike the first day, today I was constantly out of the mood and just wanted to play around because of the energy I had; so after school, before doing homework, I rode my bike to a local school and put up some shots for about an hour and a half. I ended the day with schoolwork and was lights out at 9:30.  

Day three I had a broad routine that came in useful. I woke up, went for a run, had some coffee and I was set. I had a lot more motivation since it was a Friday, so things were looking good. Still didn’t have breakfast but I thought I was alright until it became lunchtime. Unfortunately, I did not plan what I was having for Lunch since the last two days I either had leftovers or I would just persuade my mum while she was making herself a sandwich to make me one as well. So, it’s 15 minutes before class and I don’t know what to eat and all of a sudden when you are desperate for food the bread is finished and you have to work through the last two periods with an empty stomach. I finished the day off and like usual on Fridays, I put all my books down and hopped on the Xbox.  

Many think that this could be the worst situation for their education. However, if you are mature and independent you can get ahead with your learning. Many teachers have posted all the work that will be assigned and taught on MyMC and they are always available on Teams. This allows you to get a head start with your learning.  

So, my take-home learning from the first few days is it’s a new and enjoyable experience. Over the three days here's what I learned:  

  1. Exercise at least once a day to remove all the excess energy you have throughout the day, also improves your physical and mental wellbeing 
  2. Work next to sunlight to improve your motivation 
  3. Eat breakfast in the morning 
  4. During breaks go outside and do something productive 
  5. Prepare lunch beforehand and have a routine.   

I hope you all stay safe and I hope this may help you throughout your journey.