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Home Learning
by Heads of Learning (Years 7-9 & 10-12) - Thursday, 23 April 2020, 2:46 PM

We would like to thank you and your sons  for the way they have engaged with home learning and for the great support shown by parents to the program. Whilst we are all missing being in a classroom together the innovation and adaption shown by teachers to support your son’s learning at this time is outstanding.

Should you have concerns about your son’s learning in a class or what he is required to do, please contact his subject teacher directly.

We recognise that learning looks different at present; it is more than what your son completes online; it is the life learning he is also doing in the family home; cooking, creating, attending to his wellbeing. Reading is important as this time as it also offers freedom and escapism when we are restricted in many ways.

We know that the challenge of working in a self directed manner is not easy for all young men in the same way. John Hattie educational specialist, advises parents at this time to avoid being the “learning police”. He stresses that “any sense by the child that they are under parental surveillance leads to decreased impact of learning at home.” Of course this is no easy thing for parents also working from home or not, and wanting to support boys doing what they need to do!

We are continuing to work on building self direction and intrinsic motivation in our boys  and teachers are doing this through clarity and choice in what they provide. We also need parents to continue to work in partnership with us around boundaries and having those conversations when boys make choices that do not support their learning. Teachers are finding ways to affirm boys using technology and the sense of community online is impressive. We want your son’s learning to keep him connected at this time where connection is so tricky.

It is a balancing act for all of us and we are on this journey together.

For those parents that are looking for some additional support you may like to link into a free webinar from Elevate Education. The College has had Elevate Education work with our boys for a number of years to help students improve their study techniques, increase motivation, build confidence, and lift exam performance.The free webinar has been designed for parents to give practical strategies to help your child study independently and that you are equipped to motivate and support your child’s education.

Prof John Hattie recently published a fascinating article on the matter, which you can access here. He states that the success of student learning at home is “related less to the family structure, immigrant status, or whether one or two parents are working, and more to the parents’ skills at becoming school teachers”.

Details of this free event are listed below and we encourage you to sign-up

Event Title: How to help your child study effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic
Date: Tuesday 28th April
Time: 6pm
Sign-Up Link: