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Finding Your Feet

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Finding Your Feet
by Jill Fitzsimons - Thursday, 28 May 2020, 9:50 AM

Professional learning isn’t all about becoming a better teacher, sometimes it’s about the simple things that can help you find your feet in a busy organisation like Marcellin College. This week’s professional learning focuses on the basics of our reporting tools and processes so our new staff (or staff who feel like a refresher) feel competent, calm and confident about what the need to do, when everything is due, how to perform key tasks and who and what they can turn to for advice and guidance.

The reporting period is a significant time for the College, it involves a myriad of teaching staff and educational support staff working together to ensure families gain a clear understanding of their son’s progress over the course of the semester.  However, even though reporting is something common to all schools, the way schools report, the tools they use and the processes they follow can differ markedly. This can make being new or returning from leave just that little bit harder. For example, some schools use reporting software like SIMON, while some use PAM. Other schools use SEQTA and but some use Compass. Some schools only report on work habits or learning dispositions and do not report on the Victorian Curriculum, whereas some schools include all summative assessment marks and student reporting. All schools have particular processes for pastoral comments, awards and proofreading, as well as style guides and protocols in relation to who has the final say about when reports are good to go. Just to add to the steepness of the learning curve, key information can be stored in numerous places, so it is really important that new staff – or staff feeling uncertain about aspects of the task - feel fully supported.

Marcellin uses a combination of MyMC, Accelerus and Synergetic to report progress. Indeed, even though this year’s emphasis on continuous reporting has made the reporting process much more streamlined, it still involves a number of steps and conventions that can take a while to master. Our pastoral system also includes a report and staff need to learn about the purpose of these reports, their content and the style in which they should be delivered, as well as who they need to work with to proofread reports.

Marcellin is a place where everyone is always learning, including the adults. Ensuring we create a supportive and safe environment to help the newest members of our community thrive is really important and central to our belief in family spirit.