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Faith Matters

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Faith Matters
by Carolyn Young - Wednesday, 12 August 2020, 4:34 PM

Remar Gold Retreat

Please read on to learn from Luca Cope about the recent Remar Gold Retreat that our Year 12 Caravel was able to participate in online.

Over the Friday night and Saturday, the Remar Gold Caravel experienced a virtual retreat; this experience hosted colleges from all over the country. Gold Caravels from Lavalla College, Assumption College, Newman College as well as Notre Dame College all joined in the online retreat hosted by the Marist Youth Ministry group. The retreat started with a fun activity that tested us of our pre-existing knowledge about the three stages of Remar which includes the Red Caravel (Yr 10), Blue Caravel (Yr 11) and the Gold Caravel (Yr 12). Friday night’s sessions were a chance for all groups to participate and become familiar with the way that the retreat would be conducted given the circumstances.

In Saturday’s sessions, guest speakers gave us all a chance to think about our faith and community. The first session gave us all the chance to look deeper into ourselves as individuals. We were asked questions such as “What gives you joy?”, “What are you good at?” and “What are the needs of the community around you?” Reflecting on these questions gave the Marcellin Caravel a good opportunity to compliment each other on our abilities and then further discuss how our strengths and challenges could support our community right now. As the leaders of the school we strongly put forward that right now lots of our friends and families are really doing it tough and by using are abilities to communicate we provide some level of support that shows these individuals that we are all in this together.

We were also grateful to hear from Brother James who talked to everyone about what it means to have faith in this day and age. This showed our group that faith comes to people in different ways and it’s how we use it which can further drive us to be better young men in the eyes of God. The session with Brother James also tied in with the following one which was about remaining faithful post-school; it has become drastically clear to the Year 12s this year that remaining faithful has become incredibly important, but this session allowed the Remar members to ask the panel about what they think it means to remain faithful. To Brother James the idea of faith was to have hope in something and to work towards something that will make you a better person, leading to a stronger faith. 

Even though this experience was not in person as originally planned the Gold Caravel of Marcellin College was extremely thankful for the amount of effort the Ministry staff had put in to ensure that this type of faithful experience wasn’t missed or be forgotten. The Caravel would also like to thank Mario Frazzetto for the continuous love and support he gives us which we are continuously thankful for. This was a wonderful experience that the group will not forget.