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Trial Examinations and the General Achievement Test (GAT) Information

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Trial Examinations and the General Achievement Test (GAT) Information
by Claudia Graham - Friday, 28 August 2020, 2:52 PM

Dear Unit 3 and 4 students and families,

Over the coming weeks students will be undertaking Trial Examinations and the General Achievement Test (GAT). Below you will find important information about these two significant events.

As outlined in the Eagle newsletter, students should be completing the last of their assessments for Unit 4. We applaud each of you for the way in which you have embraced the challenges of our current circumstances and focused on achieving your personal best. Following the satisfactory completion of these assessments, attention then turns to the examinations.  For most students, 50% or more of their Study Score will come from the end of year examination results.  

Trial Examinations

In order to prepare for these significant examinations, the College will be running Trial Examinations during the upcoming break. The timetable is attached to this post.

The Trial Examinations occur between Monday 21 September and Friday 25 September. The College will follow all the VCAA rules and expectations in order to best prepare our young men for what is required of them. These guidelines and COVID specific regulations are listed below for your convenience. Students are not required to wear the school uniform but must ensure they dress appropriately.

General Achievement Test (GAT)

All students undertaking one or more scored Unit 3 and 4 VCE / VET study must complete the GAT. (i.e. most Year 12 students and some Year 11 students). The General Achievement Test will be undertaken on Wednesday 7 October 10.00am to 1.15pm at the College. It is a three-hour test of general knowledge and skills in written communication, mathematics, science and technology and humanities, the arts and social sciences. The GAT does not contribute directly to VCE study scores nor the ATAR. It is used to check that the VCE external and internal assessments have been fairly and accurately assessed. With the unpredictable nature of our current circumstances, the importance of the GAT has significantly increased. Further details on the GAT can be found at the following link.

To provide additional information about the GAT we will be hosting a live event Friday 5 September 12.30pm. This will go for less than an hour and will provide students and families with information about the GAT, its importance, how it is used and best ways to prepare. Participants will be able to use the Q&A feature to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

Please save this LINK TO LIVE EVENT to ensure you can access the presentation.

COVID considerations

Please note the following COVID safe controls will be in place for both the Trial Examinations and the GAT

  • Physical distancing of 1.5m between all individuals on site is strongly advised.

  • Students will be spread out across as many separate spaces as practical for the assessment venue.

  • The maximum number of individuals in any one indoor space should not exceed the venue density quotient of 1 person per 4 square metres.

  • Regular hand hygiene and supplies, including hand sanitiser at all doors

  • Daily environmental clean and twice daily cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces such as door handles.

  • Face coverings are to be worn (until asked to remove at start of examination)

  • Temperature checks

  • Fresh air flow indoors where feasible.

  • Minimal movement of students across schools

  • Daily environmental clean of the venue

  • Arrival and departure processes

  • Access on site should be limited to staff and students only,

  • Strict register of attendance and seating plan

Summary of key VCAA Examination Rules

Marcellin College examinations follow the VCAA examination rules for the conduct of VCE assessments.

  • No cheating or assisting other students to cheat

  • Silence while in examination centre, including while getting seated and leaving at the conclusion of the examination

  • No unauthorised material.

  • Photo id (i.e. student card) will need to be displayed on the desk in each examination.

  • No electronic devices (including mobile phones, smart watches, etc) in examinations. They should be secured in lockers.

  • Pencil cases must be clear (see through) or a zip lock bag used.

  • Water bottles must be see through with no labels.

  • No one may leave the examination until the completion of the examination.

  • Dictionaries may be used in English examinations. LOTE dictionaries in LOTE examinations. Dictionaries with thesaurus are not permitted. Check VCE Exam Navigator for full set of allowed materials.

NOTE: a full set of rules can be found on the VCAA website all students are expected to read and understood these expectations. The VCAA provides extensive information about the GAT, examinations and examinations rules in the VCE Exams Navigator 2020.

We look forward to seeing each of you at the upcoming GAT Live Event and continuing to provide you with the support and information you need to achieve your personal best.


Claudia Graham