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70 Years Of Teaching At Marcellin

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70 Years Of Teaching At Marcellin
by Heads of Learning (Years 7-9 & 10-12) - Thursday, 10 September 2020, 12:22 PM

As we reflect on the last 70 years of wonderful Marist education at Marcellin College, what stands out is the way in which learning has evolved over this time and how different the experience of a Marcellin student in the classroom (or remotely) is today, compared to that of a student in 1950.

We have moved from a teacher-centred model  in the 1950s to a learner-focused model - a model where learning growth, the development of skills and competency are the goals, rather than compliance and rote learning. We have moved from a time where rows of desks and no questioning of ideas was the norm, to the embracing of a variety of spaces in which to learn, writing on walls, working in hubs, using the outdoors and everyday objects, working in teams, creating prototypes. Today we place immense value on critical and creative thinking whereby students are encouraged to question, challenge and reflect. Today our students can collaborate and present and innovate in ways that were not thought of in 1950. Today we encourage our students to express their emotions, to embrace failure, and to build resilience and agility as learners and people.

In 2020 our students have been learning from home for longer than they have been in the classroom. We are incredibly proud of the way in which all of our students have navigated learning in 2020 through the home learning program. From our brand new Year 7s joining our community in a year like no other, to our graduating class who have missed out on so much yet responded with such grace and determination. Our Year 9 and 10 Depth students have immersed themselves in new and innovative courses and continue to navigate technology, think deeply, connect with their peers and build their own internal motivation to strive for their personal highest.
Here is a snapshot of some of the great learning that has been occurring remotely this term from Phil Viola (Science teacher) and Sarah Rossiter (Science Learning Leader):
In Year 7 Science, students have been working on Rube Goldberg machines which illustrate the basic principles of physics. In the middle half of this term, students were required to use the engineering process to construct a Rube Goldberg machine. Students acquired skills such as decision making, problem solving, critical and creative thinking.
We have had some really impressive machines created as you can see from these clips featuring

and  from Phil Viola’s class. 

Nik Coyne from Sarah Rossiter’s class created this entertaining

A great effort by all Year 7s throughout this term with their efforts in science.

Brent Coviello – Outdoor Education Learning Leader has shared what is occurring in Depth. Students studying the Outdoor Education Depth course Ground Breakers Alpine have been:

  • Using GIS software to find the ideal habitat to re-introduce the Mountain Pygmy Possum in the Australian Alps
  • Using the software to gather data on climate, aspect, vegetation and food sources
  • From this real time data students have been able to make real life suggestions on how to increase the population of this critically endangered species

Students studying the Outdoor Education Depth course River Adventures are:

  • Looking at the weather and how to predict the weather in the field
  • They have built wind vanes, barometers and thermometers
  • Using their own instruments, students have gathered observational weather data over a number of days and are using it to make their own predictions on the weather