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Provisionally Registered Teachers

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Provisionally Registered Teachers
by Jill Fitzsimons - Friday, 6 November 2020, 8:44 AM

This month two of our provisionally registered teachers (PRTS) will meet with Marcellin’s Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) recommendation panel to apply for full registration as a teacher. This panel is comprised of the principal’s delegates who have been certified by VIT. At Marcellin, this is the Director of Staff and Strategy, the Director of Professional Learning and Partnerships, the PRTs’ VIT Mentor and the PRT.

To apply for full registration, provisionally registered teachers are required to teach for a period of 80 days and present a professional portfolio. This professional portfolio focuses on their teaching of three students over a four-six week period, longer if the teacher does not teach these students every day. If the teacher does not teach a student with a disability or an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student, they must still reflect on how they would cater for these students if they were teaching them in their course. The portfolio is underpinned by an inquiry project. This project seeks to resolves a driving question posed by the PRT in relation to student learning and is guided by Helen Timperley’s inquiry approach

Provisionally registered teachers must also observe at least one class taught by an experienced teacher, must be observed three times by their Marcellin VIT Mentor and they must also have two professional conversations with their mentor.

Provisionally registered teachers are granted two years to move from provisional to full registration.

The professional portfolio must also include evidence of how the PRT has met each of the 37 Australian Professional Teaching Standards at the Proficient level. These standards can be found here.

A great deal of time and effort goes into the whole process, a process that is one of the most effective forms of professional learning for all involved.

We wish our provisionally registered teachers the very best for all that lies ahead and look forward to continuing to support their professional development as teachers.