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Faith Matters
by Carolyn Young - Wednesday, 17 February 2021, 10:54 AM

Senior Retreats and Remar Gold Embarkation Camp

We are very disappointed that the recent lockdown meant we had no choice but to postpone our Senior Retreats. We ask the young men of Years 11 and 12 and their parents / guardians to note that we are currently exploring what dates may be available for rescheduled retreats – given that we use 10 venues for this significant experience, it will be a challenge to identify dates but we are trying!

Thankfully before lockdown, our Remar Gold Caravel was able to participate in its Embarkation Camp. This camp supports the members of the Caravel to plan for and commit to the Remar journey ahead of them. As our Gold Rowers enter into the final year of this program, we wish them all the best for this important journey. Gold Rower Taite Phillips offers his reflection on the camp below:

After the first week of school, Year 12 Remar Gold Caravel embarked on a 3-day camp at the Don Bosco Retreat Centre in Lysterfield. Remar is a faith and Christian Service program that lasts three years. Remar allows participants to work together and actively contribute to their own faith and understanding, but also that of the school and the wider community through group collaboration and support. This camp was a way for our caravel to further develop not just our faith, but the bonds that we share through a number of sessions that centred around different topics. This included our goals for our caravel and forms of Christian Service that we can undertake this year. Personally, I can say that this embarkation camp has been one of the best that I have been on over my entire journey as part of Remar. Over the past few years I have come to better know my caravel, making each successive camp more enjoyable and meaningful than the last.

On the camp, we took part in a number of sessions revolving around our faith and ministry, and the downtime between these sessions was spent with each other in activities such as playing cards or basketball. We were also given the opportunity to go on many walks, and even watch the sunset all together one evening. For the Gold Caravel, our 2021 looks to be much more goal oriented with emphasis on Christian Service that we can commit to and follow through with, as compared to last year. We are also looking to make the most of our last year together, and finding a balance between the academic year and our Remar commitments.