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High Achievers Assembly

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High Achievers Assembly
by Nicholas Moloney - Thursday, 25 February 2021, 12:23 PM

Last Thursday we came together as a community to celebrate the High Achievers from the Class of 2020. This was a wonderful occasion to recognise the students who achieved a an ATAR over 90, the Dux of each subject and the overall Dux of VCE and VCAL.

At this assembly, the 2021 College Captain, Joel Dimattina gave his first address of the year where he spoke about the importance of community, in giving back and the challenge of being the best person you can be and honouring your God given talents. I recommend Joel’s speech to you.

Good morning to the Marcellin community,

I’d especially like to wish a warm welcome to the new Year Sevens, staff members and Principal Mr Di Cesare.

It’s an absolute honour to be standing up here today. But this isn’t my day. Today is about highlighting the young Marcellin men, who through their academic studies have undoubtedly “Strived for the Highest.”

I vividly remember sitting at my first ever High Achievers’ assembly back in 2016, as an apprehensive Year 7. Listening to the names being called out, one after another, I could only imagine “the skills and qualities, these men must possess.” But there was one question I was left with that day. Where did their passion and desire from within ignite from?

I have heard a lot, that says to find your true meaning, you should just follow your passion. If only it was that simple. Everybody in this hall today, has passions and dreams for our own lives, that we believe are tied to meaning and purpose. However, along the way we discover that life doesn’t always go according to plan. We endured this message no greater, than last year.

For our Marcellin recipients, I am sure there would have been moments, where all hope seemed lost. Maybe it’s just all too much? But you aren’t sitting here today by luck. You epitomised what it meant to be a Marist man, through virtue and courage you earnt this day. For that, I congratulate you all.

I ask myself, and every young Marcellin student here to take a leaf out of these men’s books. To look above and beyond, to embrace the challenge. Neil Danaher once said “The way I see it, life continually deals us hands of cards: sometimes we get a look at four aces, other times we pick up the two and three of spades. But here’s the thing: once we pick up our hand, it’s up to us how we choose to play those cards.

For me personally, taking on board this role of College Captain was my “picking up card” moment but now it’s up to me how I choose to play it.

Speaking at a few of the year level assemblies last week, alongside Vice Captains Patrick and Oscar, we spoke about taking every opportunity that appears during your time here at Marcellin. To not get too comfortable viewing, but to instead start doing. Have a go, get involved. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over my time here at the college – it’s that the greatest learning experiences you encounter, are the ones when you’re most uncomfortable.

So, let me offer you this. “If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shutters.” Envision yourself this year, taking that risk. Throwing yourself in the deep end. I promise you; something will come out of it.

Together as a Year twelve collective, a priority of ours this year is to spark a renewed connection between senior and junior students. For senior men to give back, to pass it on. We are all brothers, all with different goals and aspirations for our lives beyond Marcellin. I think it is pretty special, we each to get to play a part in that. Each and every one of us, have a different ID number, different timetable, and a different canteen order. But we all have a Marcellin blazer somewhere up in our wardrobe and we all wear the Eagle on our chest. This is a College that thrives on relationships, family spirit and togetherness. A college that I am proud to call home.

So, before I leave here today, I want to leave you each with one last question. When you are dealt with your set of cards this year, how are you going to choose to play them?

Thank you.

Joel Dimattina - College Captain