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Here you will find help that relates to IT services at Marcellin.

It contains information like:

  • How to manage your password
  • What you have access to
  • IT resources available
  • Video tutorials

ICT Policies:


Printing facilities are provided for all staff and students via a number of Kyocera printer/copiers located around the college.

Updating your ID card [edit]

In order to print you must have a valid student or staff ID card that has been set up for printing. If your card doesn't work, please come to the IT Support office and they assist.

Printer/Copier Locations  [edit]

  • Br. Placidus Resource Centre
  • Fourviere School of Visual Arts
  • Marist House Reception
  • Marian House
  • Montagne building
  • Music School staff room
  • Hermitage - Ground Floor Copy Room
  • Hermitage - Level 2 & 3
  • St Marcellin's Hall staff room
  • Ardmara

Sending a print job [edit]

  • Most applications (Word, Photoshop, browsers, etc) can send a print job via the 'Ctrl-p' keyboard combination.
  • Select your destination:
    • Students - StudentGlobalKyocera
    • Staff - StaffGlobalKyocera
  • Set your layout and other options
  • Click the print (or OK) option
  • Go to your nearest printer and collect your job

Retrieving a print job  [edit]

  1. Scan your ID card at the printer using the card scanner
  2. Select 'Print All' to print all the jobs in your queue, or
  3. Select 'My Jobs' to choose the job/s you wish to print from the list then press the printer icon
  4. The job will now print

Note: You must send the job using your login to collect the job using your card.

Checking your account balance and statistics [edit]

 Your account balance is shown under your name on the copier screen after you tap on with your ID card.

 You can also see your balance and printing history by accessing the following link:

Manage Your Marcellin College Printing Account (link only available from within Marcellin network)