Help and Guides

Here you will find help that relates to IT services at Marcellin.

It contains information like:

  • How to manage your password
  • What you have access to
  • IT resources available
  • Video tutorials

ICT Policies:

Software and Systems

Software [edit]

Software is installed on all laptops for individual use while the user is a staff member or a student.

Students and Staff


Core Systems [edit]

MyMarcellin (moodle)

MyMarcellin is the central point for users of online systems at Marcellin. It runs on the OpenSource learning platform, Moodle.

More information about moodle can be found here.

MyMarcellins major functions are:

  • Provide communication between staff, students, and our current community
  • Provide staff with spaces to deliver curriculum and assessment
  • Provides a means for parent participation in online areas, such as Sport
  • In the future it will provide a means for further parent participation in online learning areas, and other areas such as Outdoor Education and Music


Synergetic is the core information system at the college.

Access to Synergetic is provided to staff, students, and parents.

More information about Synergetic can be found on the Synergetic website here.

Exchange/Outlook (Email)

Miscrosoft Exchange is the College email system. Outlook is the client installed on all college computers that enables user access to Exchange. Marcellin also provides a online version of Outlook.



Cyberhound is the gateway for users inside the college to access the internet.

Staff and students can check their internet usage here (link only available from inside Marcellin)


ClickView provides thousands of quality educational videos designed for Primary and Secondary schools.

Teachers can embed educational videos into MyMarcellin, students can watch these programs at their own pace using any computer or mobile device.

Marcellin ClickView contains all the videos available from the ClickView library, and custom made Marcellin videos. It is available for all staff and students.

Access the Marcellin College ClickView here