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Summary VCE of Policies and Procedures


The subject teacher must report authentication concerns or breach of VCAA rules to the Head of Senior School. The Head of Senior School will decide the action that must be taken according to VCAA guidelines. Records of authentication problems must be maintained for all School-assessed Tasks. The onus is on the student to prove that is their work that has been submitted.

Attendance requirements

Attendance at all classes is compulsory at Marcellin College. The College’s Attendance Policy, with clear reference for VCE students, is outlined in the Expectations of the College section of this digital planner.

Attendance for VCE Outcomes and Assessment

Attendance for all VCE outcomes and assessment is compulsory. If a student who cannot attend a scheduled VCE outcome or assessment task/coursework parents must contact Student Services on 9851 1500 before 9:00 am.

  • A medical certificate must be provided so that the outcome or assessment task can be undertaken at a later date for a numerical score.
  • Students need to complete an ‘Application to Reschedule an Assessment task’ form from the Head of Senior School on the first day they return to the College. Students must attach their medical certificate to the form.
  • When these guidelines are not followed, it may still be possible for the task to be undertaken, but only for an S/N result, not a numerical score.

Medical Certificates are extremely important if illness is the cause of student absence and this will need to be verified by the Head of Sernior School. A student cannot re-sit a SAC/assessment task if they are absent on the day of the task and do not have a medical certificate for that day.


Students must hand in work by the deadlines set by the teacher. Applications for a possible extension must be made to the teacher before the deadline has expired. Eligibility guidelines and conditions under which an extension may be allowed are outlined in the 2013 VCE Handbook.

Redemption of a fail

A student can apply to a teacher to repeat a piece of work that has been found to be unsatisfactory. However, the work can only be repeated once. If the work is also an assessment task/coursework, the score will remain unchanged.

Lost or damaged work

The College will not accept responsibility for work that has been lost because it was not handed directly to the relevant subject teacher. In all other cases, the lost or damaged work must be reported to the Head of Senior School, who will decide the appropriate action to be taken according to VCAA rules and guidelines.

Special Provision

A student who is experiencing hardship of a temporary or permanent nature must apply to the Head of Senior School for Special Provision. The Head, in consultation with the relevant House Coordinator will decide the action to be taken according to VCAA rules and guidelines.

Student Appeals

If a student is unhappy with a decision regarding attendance, satisfactory completion, authentication etc, an appeal may be lodged with the Head of Senior School. The Appeals Committee will hear the appeal. In cases, which do not concern the Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority, the Assistant Principal - Learning, the Head of Senior School, the VCAL Coordinator and the relevant House Coordinator, will hear the appeal.

VCE Requirements

Units 1-4 in all VCE subjects are conducted under the auspices of the VCAA. Successful completion of the VCE is dependent on a student’s program and must include satisfactory completion of a minimum of 16 units, which include:

  • Three units from the English group
  • Three sequences of Units 3 & 4 studies other than English, of which two can be VCE/VET Unit 3 & 4 sequences
    (Please refer to 2013 VCE Handbook for further details)

VTAC also advises that for the calculation of a student’s ATAR score, satisfactory completion of Units 3 and 4 of an English study is required, plus three sequences of Unit 3 & 4 studies other than English.

VCE Handbook

Detailed information regarding all VCE policies and procedures may be found in the VCE Handbook that is distributed to all VCE students at the beginning of the year.

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