Help and Guides

Here you will find help that relates to IT services at Marcellin.

It contains information like:

  • How to manage your password
  • What you have access to
  • IT resources available
  • Video tutorials

ICT Policies:

How To Set Up OneDrive

  • Press the Windows-E keyboard shortcut to show the Windows File Explorer
  • In the list on the left, click on OneDrive
  • If you haven't used OneDrive before you will be prompted to set it up. Enter your school email address in the following format:


  • You may also be prompted again for your student ID and password. Enter these when asked.
  • Click "Next" on any prompts until you see the Welcome To OneDrive screen.
  • If you've used OneDrive before, your files will begin to sync.

We strongly recommend you save ALL of your files to this OneDrive folder. Files saved here will be automatically backed up to the cloud as long as you have an internet connection.